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Asia-Japan Research Academic Bulletin

Inaugurated in November 2019
Vol.1, 2019-20
Vol.2, 2021
Vol.3, 2022
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11 Jietao LIAN, Yuko YATO, Yi SUN, Lian TONG The Impact of Caregivers' Rewarding and Punishing Behavior on Children's Emotional and Social Skills Development in Rural Areas of Contemporary China 19
12 Isabel Cabaña Rojas Catholicism in the History of the Integration of Japanese and their Descendants into Peru 17
13 Abu -Bakar Rafat KHAN, Tomohiko YOSHIDA Does Relative Accessibility to Service Facilities Impact Residents' Satisfaction? Socio-Spatial Analysis to Determine Deprivation and Location Attachment. 22
[Research Notes]
Content No. Author(s) Title Number of Pages
31 Nobuhiko MAEDA Active Aging in the Community for Japanese Elderly: Impact of Pre-Retirement Occupational Skills on Elderly People's Community Involvement 14
[Book Reviews]
Content No. Author(s) Title Number of Pages
71 Keith KRAUSE Changing Arms Control Norms in International Society 3
72 Xuebing CAO The Impact of Organizational Ethical Climate on Organizational Commitment and Job Performance: An Economic Ethics Analysis of Japanese-funded Manufacturing Enterprises in China 3
73 Satoshi SODA Modern Asia and Environmental Issues: Diversity and Dynamism 2
74 Pedro IACOBELLI Transpacific Visions: Connected Histories of the Pacific across North and South 4
75 Susan D. HOLLOWAY Children and Money: Cultural Developmental Psychology of Pocket Money 4