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Global Supporters will continue to promote diversity and inclusion on campus by assisting international students who want to participate in…


Promoting International Students' Participation in Club and Circle Activities:Support that Transcen…

From Monday, April 11 until Thursday, April 28, Global Supporters, a group that helps international students get involved in extracurricular activities (clubs and circles), connected international students with extracurricular activity groups at a welcome event held for new students at Sora-no Plaza on the OIC Campus.

Global Supporters is a group of student volunteers who belong to the College of Policy Science Student Council, the College of Policy Science's Peer Mentor Support Group*1 (PMSG), and the College of Global Liberal Arts Student Council who help international students in English-basis colleges and courses participate in extracurricular activities. The group began its activities, which transcend college boundaries, this spring.

*1: A group of student mentors for students in the Community and Regional Policy Studies (CRPS)*2 major in the College of Policy Science at Ritsumeikan University.
*2: A major in which students study policy science in English.

Until now, only a few extracurricular groups provided information in English, which posed a major obstacle for international students that wanted to participate in club activities. Therefore, Global Supporters set up a booth at the welcome event for new students to serve as a bridge between international students and extracurricular activity groups and to make it easier for international students to consult about and participate in club activities.