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  2. 2021【For Students】 Influenza Vaccination on Campus

2021【For Students】 Influenza Vaccination on Campus


 2021【For Students】 Influenza Vaccination on Campus

We have set up an opportunity with the cooperation of the hospitals near the campus. Eligibility for vaccination: Students who are eligible for regular medical examination (students who have received this information on manaba+R. However, students on leave of absence are not eligible.) Vaccination is the best way to reduce the chances that you catch seasonal flu and spread it to others. The new coronavirus vaccine is not effective in preventing influenza. If you wish to have a flu vaccination on campus, please read the notes below and make an appointment on line.

Please note the following

(1) Due to the difficulty in supply of influenza vaccines nationwide this year, we are unable to provide them to all who wish to get a shot. If you are unable to make an appointment on line, that means you are not the subject to get a vaccine shot.
(2) Vaccinations will be provided at Kinugasa, Biwako-Kusatsu, and Osaka-Ibaraki campuses. Please make an appointment at the campus where you want to be vaccinated. After you click "Make an Appointment," please select the campus, listed in the upper left corner, where you want to get a shot. You cannot change the campus after you have made an appointment. If you need to change the campus, please cancel the appointment and then change the campus before making an appointment. If you are a graduate student belonging to Suzaku Campus, please log in and click "Make an Appointment" to see the schedule of Kinugasa Campus. If you want to be vaccinated at BKC or OIC, please change the campus before clicking "Make an Appointment.
(3) When the reservation is completed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the registered address. Please be sure to check the confirmation e-mail, which includes the campus, the date and time of your appointment. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, your reservation has not been completed.
(4) Please note that no other vaccines can be administered two weeks before and after the COVID-19 vaccination.
(5) Reservation starting date and time : The URL of the reservation page will be posted on manaba+R at 12:30 on Monday, November 1. Please note that the reservation will start as soon as you are informed. You need to enter your student ID number to log in, and your account name before the @ mark of your Ritsumeikan University email address for the password.
(6) Fee: 2,000 yen, cash only. In general, influenza vaccination costs about 4,000 yen, but students can get vaccinated for 2,000 yen with the support of the Parents Education Supporters Association.
(7) Please check the attached document for details.


○Kinugasa Campus

Date Time Place Medical InstitutePrice
December 1(Wed) 13:30~16:30 Igakukan Multipurpose Room (B1) Kyoto Kuramaguchi Medical Center ¥2,000
December 2(Thu)
December 3(Fri)
December 6(Mon) 13:30~16:00 Igakukan Multipurpose Room (B1) Kyoto Kuramaguchi Medical Center ¥2,000


Date Time Place Medical InstitutePrice
November 15(Mon) 14:30~16:30 Union Hall Oumikusatsu Tokushukai Hospital ¥2,000
November 16(Tue)
November 17(Wed)
November 18(Thu)


Date Time Place Medical InstitutePrice
December 7(Tue) 11:00~13:00 Room8 Saiseikai Ibaraki Hospital ¥2,000
December 8(Wed)
December 9(Thu)

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