CONCEPT | Talented Individuals that Will be Able to Cooperate
with Others to Solve Issues throughout Asia and the World

Our graduates will have respect for diversity and acquire problem-solving skills through their experiences in exploring different cultures as well as tackling challenges they face in a multicultural environment.

By taking advantage of being located in Asia, which is a region rich in diversity and social multiplicity, we create opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of Asia and collaborate in a multicultural environment. Our graduates will play significant roles in Asia and the world through their experiences at Ritsumeikan University.

Exercising Leadership

We work to improve an environment for students that allows them to deepen mutual understanding while they undertake learning activities and research. Our graduates will discover the issues found in a multicultural environment and display their leadership abilities to resolve those issues in cooperation with others.

Problem Resolution through Science and Technology

We work to improve the environment for students in order for them to gain problem-solving experience in a multicultural environment through the use of science and technology by offering opportunities such as joint learning and research programs with overseas universities. Our graduates will work on a wide range of issues in Asia and gain a deep understanding of the region.