TARGET Ritsumeikan University’s Globalization

Ritsumeikan, after the mid 1980's, has rapidly promoted internationalization with the aim of becoming “Ritsumeikan that is open to the world”. Ritsumeikan established an international center in 1985 along with the first College of International Relations in Western Japan in 1988. This was then followed by the establishment of the first true international university in Japan, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), in 2000. We continually strive for and promote the globalization of education and research by utilizing our strengths as a comprehensive university.

Our Progress toward Internationalization

Overseas Network

Ritsumeikan University works with more than 460 universities and institutions in 68 countries and regions to pursue international exchange and research activities for both students and faculty.

Partner Universities and Institutions



(as of May, 2021)

Graduates & Alumni Association

Graduates of Ritsumeikan University organizes various alumni groups by region, job field, college/graduate school and extra-curricular club, deploying various activities both domestically and internationally.

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* "Jusotsu" : When students graduate/finish multiple colleges or graduate schools.
(as of May, 2021)

International Cooperation and Contribution

Ritsumeikan University aims to contribute to international society by conducting commissioned programs, bilateral projects and disaster relief projects.

Commissioned Programs

  • JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Tourism Development through Appropriate Management of World Heritage Site)
  • COSMO-ADOC-RITSUMEIKAN Japanese Language Program

Bilateral Projects

  • Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology
  • Vietnam-Japan University
  • Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology

Disaster Relief Projects

  • The Project for the Support of Post-Disaster Recovery of the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster Relief
  • The Project for the Support for Post-Disaster Recovery of the Myanmar Cyclone and China Earthquake