Academics Faculty members

Name Position Field of Research, Research Theme Web Site
Aono, Kohei Professor ・Monetary Economics
・Empirical Finance
・Empirical Study on Japanese Stock Market    
 Empirical Analyses on the Impacts of
 Unconventional Monetary Policy

GOKAN, Yoichi Professor ・Macroeconomic Theory
  • ・Macro Dynamics Theory
  • ・Economic Growth Theory
  • ・Endogenous business cycle theory:
  •  in determinativeness and branch theory
GOMBI, Ichiro Professor
  • ・Macroeconomic Theory
  • ・International Finance
  • ・A Theoretical Study on Determination of
  •    Exchange Rate and  International Balance of  
  •    Payments
Professor ・Economic statistics, Economic Policy, Money, 
・Empirical analysis of financial institutions and
   financial markets
・Empirical analysis of the effects of industrial
HAYASHI, Hiroaki Professor ・Comparative Economic Systems
・Economics of Transition
  • ・Comparative Economic Systems
  •     Economics of System Transformation
  •     Comparative Study on Socio-economic    
  •     Problems of Transition Countries
HORI, Kazumi Professor ・Contract Theory
  • ・Organizational Economics
  • ・Applied Microeconomic Theory
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ICHINO, Yasukazu Associate Professor ・International trade theory
・Microeconomic theory
・Teaching economics
  • ・Diversity and international trade
  • ・Gains from trade
  • ・Flipped classroom in teaching economics
INASAWA, Izumi Professor
  • ・International Comparative Analysis of Policy
  •    Making Process in Energy Sector/Environmental
  •    Sectors
  • ・Environmental Policies and Development
  • ・International Project Finance
KOBAYASHI, Mizuki Associate Professor ・Automobile industry
・Relationship between automobile companies
    and suppliers
KURIHARA, Yukiko Professor ・Micro data Analysis Based on Secondary
   Utilization of Official Statistics
・Regional and Seasonal Features of Work-Life
    Balance Based on Time-Use  Information: An
    Empirical Study

KUROKAWA, Kiyoto Professor ・Regional Development Economics
・Private sector development study in
   developing countries
・Economic Resilience

LEE, Kangkook Professor ・Macroeconomics
・Economic Development
・Economic Growth and Income Inequality
・Financial Globalization, Development and

MASWANA, Jean-Claude  Professor ・Development Macroeconomics
・Development theories and policies
・International Trade and Economic Growth
・Trade and Sustainable Development

  • ・Asia-Africa’s Economic Interactions
MATSUMOTO, Akira Professor
  • ・Study on systematizing of the international
  •     economics with the international value theory  
  •     as the key concept
  • ・On relation between monetary policy and
  •     prices
  • ・On factors of the fluctuation of Foreign
  •     Exchange and the Level
MOMOTA, Akira Professor
  • ・Economic growth theory
  • ・Population economics: a theoretical approach
  • ・A theoretical study on macroeconomic
  •    dynamics under low fertility and aging societies
NAKAMOTO, Satoru Professor ・Political economics analysis of the
   contemporary U.S. economy
・Study of shift towards service economy
・Study of globalization
・Study of creative economy

NIIGATA, Atsushi
・International Finance
・Financial Market Analysis
・Impact of Information and Communication
・Financial industry analysis
NOMURA, Ryoichi Professor ・Strategic Trade Policy
・International Trade Theory

ODAMAKI,TomokoAssociate Professor
・Social Policy
・Co-production of Welfare Services

OHNO, Atsushi Associate Professor ・International Political Economy
・ Fair Trade and Ethical Consumption
・WTO and Development Policy
OKAWA, Masayuki Professor ・Study on the Theory of International Trade
   Theory under Imperfect Competition
・Theoretical Study on International Trade and
    Trade Policy

OSHIO, RyoheiAssociate Professor ・European Economic History
・Socioeconomic history of performing arts and
    theatre in Vienna
・Socioeconomic history in modern Austria

QIN, Jie Professor ・Financial Economics
・Behavioral Finance
・Market Microstructure
・Emotion and decision making

SANO,Sayaka Associate Professor ・Rural economy
・Development economics
・Economics policy (Agricultural policy)
・Agribusiness and Cooperatives in Brazil
SASAO, Toshiaki
・Environmental Economics
・Economic Analysis of Waste Management and
   Circular Economy
SATOH, Takashi Professor
  • ・Marxian Economic Theory
  • ・Theory of Capital
  • ・The Theory of Capitalist Economy
SEKI, Mai Associate Professor ・Labor economics
・Economics of education
・Development economics
・Applied microeconometrics

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SHEN, Xuemei Associate Professor ・General equilibrium model
・Global value chain
・Input-output analysis
・Public finance

SHIMADA, Koji Professor ・Energy Consumption Behavioral change using
    pricing and nudge
・Renewable energy policy and market evolution
・Climate change adaptation policy and
    behavioral change

SUGITA, Nobuki Professor ・Economic Policy of Japan 
・Measurement of Income Disparity
・Regional Development Policy 

SUSA,TaikiAssociate Professor ・Public Economics
・Political Economics
・Intergovernmental fiscal competition under
    globalization and effects on political process

TAKEUCHI,Ai Associate Professor
・Experimental Economics and Game Theory
  • ・Institutions to raise and sustain cooperation
  • ・Effects of information on behavior
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TERAWAKI, Taku Professor
  • ・Economic valuation of non-market goods with
  •    stated preference approaches
  • ・Empirical analysis of consumer
  •    behavior/preference using survey data
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TOKUMARU, Natsuka Associate Professor ・Economic Philosophy
・Experimental Economics
・Micro-behavioral Theory of System and Ethics

YAMAI, Toshiaki Professor
  • ・Social Inequality in Germany after 1945
  • ・Comparative-historical Study on "Revolution” 
  • ・Study on the German Revolution of 1848/49
  • ・Nation and nationalism in the European history
  • ・Regional Plan and Local Autonomy in Germany
  •    After World War II
  • ・Modern European social economic history
  •     centered on 19th century Germany
 Professor ・Japanese Economy
・Economic Policy
・Study of Japanese economy, in particular, on
    viewpoint of business cycle, and applying for
    development economics, and policy analysis in
    general and for sharing economy in Japan