Special Seminar by MPED Graduates

This year’s special seminar by MPED graduates was conducted on January 25th, 2023. We invited the following three graduates as guest speakers:

Mr. Rhener Geca Bucad(From Philippines / Graduated in 2006)

Ms. Tran Thuy Ha (From Viet Nam / Graduated in 2005)

Mr. Jasurbek Yusupov (From Uzbekistan / Graduated in 2017)

Thanks to the large effort by the presenters, two of the three presenters were able to come to Japan to give us a talk. It’s been three years since we were able to have graduate speakers give us a talk face-to-face in Japan, so this was a great achievement.

The presentations were about the content of their Master thesis, what they learned in Japan, their current career, and advice to the current students. Although it was a day of heavy snow, we had about 35 participants both online and face-to-face. The seminar was very active, as many questions on research, studies in the University, and future careers were raised by the students, and fruitful feedbacks and advice were provided by the presenters.




MPED修了生セミナー 会場写真

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