Past Research Topics

Computer Science

  • A Vertical Representation for Parallel dEclat Algorithm in Frequent Itemset Mining
  • Mining API Usage Patterns from Software Repositories by Applying Method Categorization
  • Mining Life-log Sensing Data to Extract User’s Significant Locations and Movements
  • An Enterprise SNS System to Optimize Communication- and Work-Flows in Two Companies, based on Social Network Analysis
  • Reliable and Scalable Groupcasting for P2P Replication-based Collaborative Systems in Wireless Environment
  • Textual Approximation of Time Series
  • An Enhanced War-driving Method for GPS Missing Area
  • Web-based Architecture for Distributed Integrated Development Environments
  • OpenWeb: A Transparent Web Proxy System Using the Layer-2 Programmable Switch,OpenWeb
  • An Optimistic Consistency Management Using Vector Clock for P2P Replicated Object Environment
  • SG2: A Novel Index Structure for Efficient Data Management in Super-Peer Architecture
  • Security performance of wireless network during handoff process
  • Application of Web Services Specific Coordination Protocols into Banking Services
  • A Large-Scale Analysis Method of Sensor Data for Precision Agriculture
  • A Secure Data Storage Model on Cloud Environments

Human Information Science

  • Joint Statistical Shape Modeling of Liver and Spleen for Assisting Cirrhosis Diagnosis
  • Generic and Specific Impression Estimation of Clothing Fabric and its Application to Kansei based Image Retrieval
  • Student Characterization by Neural Network Based on Affective Factors in Learning English
  • Object Retrieving from Image Database by Automatic Feature Selection
  • Efficient Detachment Simulation Using Online Re-mesh Models of Rectangular Tetrahedral Volume Mesh
  • Modeling Causality among Human Vital Signals and Subjective Lifestyle Variables
  • A Facial Expression Recognition Method for Training Video Customer Service Representatives
  • "Potential Flows for Controlling Scout Units and Multi-layer Naive Sampling with Multi-Armed Bandit Problem applying to RTS game"
  • Multi-touch Based Medical Image Visualization and Analysis System
  • Modeling Emotional States Using Sensor Data Collected during Smartphone Operations