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OIC International House

OIC International House

In March 2018, the OIC International House (OIC I-House) opened near the Ritsumeikan University Osaka Ibaraki Campus.

OIC I-House provides various types of support to help international students adjust to life and customs in Japan, in addition to being an environment that promotes international/intercultural exchange, diverse learning experiences, and community involvement through shared dormitory life with both international and Japanese students.

By living in the dormitory and participating in its various activities, OIC I-House residents are able to cultivate skills such as intercultural understanding, listening skills, and foreign language ability.


・All share-type rooms, with 6 people living in 1 unit (individual bedrooms)
・Resident Mentors (RMs)
・Building manager available during the day
・Auto-lock entrance
・Located approximately 18 minutes away from campus on foot (approximately 10 minutes by bicycle)

*RMs: Residents who work with the university and building managers to ensure that OIC I-House residents can have a safe and comfortable dormitory experience by providing support to residents and encouraging exchange; generally, 1 RM is placed in each unit.

OIC International House Guidebook

Fee Table (Ritsumeikan Students)

Type Fee
Security deposit (returned when moving out)
1 month's rent
Rent JPY 50,000/month
Utilities & Internet
JPY 7,200/month
Bedding rental
JPY 2,000/month
Entrance fee (covers move-out inspection and cleaning)
10,000 yen

Fees are current as of December 2022.

*The above fees are expected to be revised starting from September 2024.

Initial fees consist of the security deposit, 1.5 months' rent (if moving in on the 16th of the month or later) / 2 months' rent (if moving in on or before the 15th of the month), 2 months' of utilities and internet, 2 months' of bedding rental, and the entrance fee.

*Separate enrollment in fire insurance is also required.

Period of Residence: In principle, one year (depending on the resident)

April Enrollees: From the date in mid March designated by the University to the last day of February in the following year.
September Enrollees: From the date in September designated by the University to the last day of August in the following year.


The dormitory consists of 28 single-gender units of 6 people per unit, for a total of 168 rooms. The 5th floor is designated as female-only occupancy.

Rooms Include:

Individual room

・Bed & bedding (with cleaning)
・Internet connection
・Desk & chair
・Air conditioning & lighting
・Wardrobe (including 3 clothes hangers)
・Trash can
・3-drawer cabinet

Units Include:

Unit living room/dining room/kitchen

・Living room/dining room/kitchen
・Shower room, sink, clothes basket (for shower)
・Toilets (2 per unit)
・Shared refrigerator, microwave oven, television
・Dining table and chairs
・Vacuum cleaner, garbage cans, garbage bags, broom and dustpan set, cleaning supplies
・Shoe rack
・Door phone/intercom
・Frying pan, 2 pots, kettle, cooking utensils, chopping board, strainer/bowl
・Dish drainer, dish towel, sponge, detergent

Common Use Facilities:

Common use multi-purpose room and patio

・Multi-purpose room
・Laundry rooms with dryers (coin laundry)
・Drying area (1F)
・Patio/smoking area
・Vending machines
・Table tennis table, DVD player
・Bicycle parking

Visiting the Ritsumeikan University OIC International House (I-House)

Those wishing to visit OIC I-House should download the application form below and fax or email the completed form to the OIC I-House building manager’s office. If you cannot fax or email the form, please call the building manager’s office.

Application to Visit OIC I-House

*Ritsumeikan faculty and staff who wish to visit OIC I-House should download the designated application form for university use from the university portal website.

<Where to submit the application form>
Ritsumeikan University OIC International House (OIC I-House) Building Manager’s Office
FAX/TEL: 072-625-0100

・Visiting hours are from 9:00 – 16:00 on weekdays only.
・The building manager will guide visitors for a tour of approximately 15 – 30 minutes.
・Please submit applications by 1 week before the requested date of visit.
・Please wait until you have received a reply from the building manager’s office before coming.
There may be times when applications are rejected due to dormitory events, etc.


Please direct questions to:

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