Ritsumeikan University has been promoting academia-industry partnerships, aiming to become a “global research-oriented university,” which pursues research activity from a global perspective and contributes to society through research achievements. R-GIRO, which is positioned as a strategic priority research promotion organization, has been promoting industry-government-academia partnerships with the cooperation of the Research Office, which is responsible for Ritsumeikan University’s collaboration of industry, government and academia.

Inquiries about industry-government-academia partnerships

Types of Partnerships

To promote industry-government-academia partnerships, Ritsumeikan University provides a number of different forms of collaboration and cooperation.

Research Exchange Programs
  • Commissioned research

    We conduct research under contract with private companies and public research institutes.

  • Joint research

    We conduct joint research by accepting researchers from private companies and public research institutes.

  • Technical guidance

    We provide technical guidance to researchers from private companies and public research institutes.

  • Scholarship donation

    Please give a donation or offer facilities/equipment to Ritsumeikan University’s research/education organizations and faculty members to promote its research/education activities.

  • Research project planning/application/

    We organize a team with multiple companies and universities for planning, applications and management of research projects funded by public research institutes (e.g. the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; the Ministry of the Environment, etc.)

  • Creation/protection/utilization of intellectual properties

    (1) We systematically manage and utilize various types of intellectual properties generated through research exchange, etc.

    (2) We license patents and other intellectual properties to private companies under license agreement, etc.

Process for Research Exchange

Utilization of Facilities

  • Laboratory rental

    An academia-industry partnership laboratory will be established on campus, so that research exchange companies can have more opportunities to strengthen research exchange with the University’s laboratories

  • Incubation facilities

    There is an incubation facility (Ritsumeikan BKC incubator) to promote new ventures on campus, where an incubation manager provides technical and management assistance.

  • Use of the SR Center’s equipment

    The SR Center’s equipment (for non-destructive inspection, microfabrication, soft X-ray microscopy, structural analysis, new material development, etc.) are available for a usage fee. Under the MEXT program to promote public utilization of cutting-edge research facilities, financial support for costs related to the use of such equipment is provided to researchers from the private sector.

Industry-Academia Research Partnership Consortiums (member-only research conferences)

Ritsumeikan University has formed industry-academia research partnership consortiums of research organizations. Interactions with member companies have been promoted by holding various events, such as holding lecture meetings with high-profile researchers as guests, giving technology trend survey reports, and providing research exchange consultation services.