Inquiry regarding University Entrance Eligibility


Prospective students intending to apply for admissions into Ritsumeikan University through the AO Admissions Enrollment [English-basis] and are uncertain about their eligibility, can confirm their eligibility 3 weeks before each relevant application period through the following steps with the International Admissions Office.

(1) Required Documents to Submit
1. University Entrance Eligibility for Ritsumeikan University Inquiry FormDownload
2. High School or/ Secondary School Academic Transcript(s)
3. Graduation or/ Expected Graduation Certificate
4. Information regarding graduated or expected to graduate High School or/ Secondary School (A link to a website can be included in the Inquiry Form)
Example: An Academic School Profile listing curriculum, subjects taught, semester timetables and graduation/credit requirements.
5. (If applicable only) Results of a University Entrance Examination or Equivalent and when achieved.
** Documents ②to⑤ can be submitted in copies/scans/photo data format for the inquiry.
(1) 提出書類 
* 例:School Profileや学校案内等、学校の教育内容・科目名、授業時間数、単位修得要件、卒業要件が記されているもの 
⑤大学入学資格試験結果(取得状況を示す)書類* (該当者のみ)

(2) Accepted Inquiry Language
Documents above and completion of the ① Inquiry Form above must be completed in either English or Japanese. Documents submitted in any other languages must include a translation. For this inquiry, personal or school translations will be accepted, however Official Translation must be submitted should the student proceed to Formal Application.

(2) 表記言語
上記(1)①のフォームの記入および②~⑤の表記言語は、日本語または英語とします。 それ以外の言語の場合は、日・英いずれか翻訳を付けてください。本人や学校の翻訳も可としますが、出願時は正式な翻訳書類を提出してください。

(3) Inquiry Only
The submission of an inquiry and the result thereof does not conclude with an offer for admission. Should the result of the inquiry deem the student eligible, the student must then proceed to complete a formal application through the Application Portal: TAO for formal Admission.
(3) 本お問い合わせについて

(4) Inquiry Timing and Submission Process
According to university timeline and principles, submission of the Inquiry Form and related documents must be completed 3 weeks prior to the Application Period that the student is intending to apply. Submission of documents can be sent by e-mail to the International Admissions Office (

(4) 申請時期と書類提出先