Past Research Topics

Advanced Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics Course
  • ・Chern-Simons theory and its applications
  • ・Applications of Stochastic Calculus based on Hyperbolic Brownian Motion
  • ・Numerical analysis for stochastic differential equations with irregular coefficients
Physics Course
  • ・Indirect signature of Kaluza-Klein dark matter
  • ・Electronic States of the First Order Ferrimagnet ErCo₂ Studied by Polarization Dependent Hard X-Ray Photoemission Spectroscopy
  • ・One Loop Analyses of Superstring Vacua on Asymmetric Orbifolds

Advanced Electrical, Electronic and Computer Systems

  • ・Efficient thermal analysis algorithm for Lithium ion battery modules
  • ・Transient stability analysis of a multimachine power system using Lyapunov's second method
  • ・Advanced Positioning Algorithms for Automotive Single Frequency Receivers Based on PPP/VPPP GR Models

Advanced Mechanical Engineering and Robotics

Mechanical Engineering Course
  • ・Investigation of Power Electricity of Small Propeller in Waste-water Pipe
  • ・Design and Parametric Study of Micro Compressor for Micro Gas Turbine using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • ・Study on Deformation Behavior of Heterogeneous Structure Materials via Multi-Scale FEM Analysis
Robotics Course
  • ・Design of an Under-Actuated Adaptive Prosthetic Finger
  • ・Variable Configuration Stereo Using Two Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • ・Mechanical Design and Control of Inflatable Robotic Arm

Advanced Architectural, Environmental and Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Course
  • ・Study on Paste Dripping of Porous Concrete and New Evaluation Method for Fresh Porous Concrete
  • ・Evaluation of Rebar Corrosion in RC using Acoustic Emission and Half-Cell Potential under Electrical Corrosion Test
  • ・Effectiveness of Bike to School Policy for Junior High School Students in Blitar Municipality, Easy Java Province, Indonesia
Environmental Systems Engineering Course
  • ・Exploring the Potential of 3D Printing for Building Houses in Nigeria and Brief Numerical Analysis of Lintels in 3D Printed Houses
  • ・Assessment of Secondary Lead Reserves and Potential Lead Waste of Nations
  • ・Exploring and Comparing the Quality of Public Transportation Services from Social Media: Case Study of Greater Jakarta
Architecture and Urban Design Course
  • ・Development of a Sustainability Assessment Tool for Cities in Indonesia using the Analytic Hierarchy Process Method
  • ・Architectural Heritage Preservation as a Tool for Sustaining the Architectural Identity
  • ・Electrical Resistivity Measurement Based of Compressive Strength Control for High Fluidized Soil Improvement Construction