Research Ethics

Ritsumeikan University Research Ethics Guidelines
Ritsumeikan University Extramural Exchange Ethics Criteria

  Ritsumeikan University sets out "Ritsumeikan University Research Ethics Guidelines" and "Ritsumeikan University Extramural Exchange Ethics Criteria". Please refer to Research Ethics Handbook.

Strategies to Prevent Research Misconduct
-Implementation of Compliance Education and Research Ethics Education-

1) Compliance Education (Category: Proper Use of Research Funds)
Researchers who receive or newly apply for public research funds[*], including Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(KAKENHI), at the University must undergo Compliance Education and, after taking a Comprehension Check, submit a Pledge to the Research Office. Please note that we, the Research Office actively promotes the Compliance Education.
[*] "Public research funds" refers to the following:

2) Research Ethics Education (Category: Research Ethics Education)
  All researchers enrolled at the University must undergo the Research Ethics Education Program (please refer to either of 4. “For the Sound Development of Science-The Attitude of a Conscientious Scientist-“ or 5. “Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Ethics e-Learning course” as described below).
   Furthermore, at this University, researchers who received or newly apply for public research funds must submit a "Report on Research Ethics Education" as proof they underwent the education with Check Tests for Understanding of Research Ethics to the Research Office. We also recommend that graduate students take research ethics education.
NO. Contents Category Target URL Note
Faculty members
and Researchers 
1 For the Sound Development of Science
-The Attitude of a Conscientious Scientist-
Research Ethics
2 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Research Ethics e-Learning course
Research Ethics
or Optional ※2 Please submit the
evidence of course
completion to the
research office
3 APRIN e-Learning Program (CITI Japan) Research Ethics
Optional ※1 Optional
4 Research Ethics Education (Lecture) Research Ethics
Optional (Partially
Optional Please select
the year that is
relevant to you.
5 Check tests for Understanding of
Research Ethics
Research Ethics
Optional Please check
the level of
understanding on
this check sheet
before submitting
the report.
6 Report on Research Ethics Education Research Ethics
Optional Please submit the
report to the
research office
  1. If it is required to take the APRIN e-Learning Program (CITI Japan) at the time of applying for or receiving public funds, please contact the Research Office at OIC beforehand.
  2. For further details, please ask your administrative office.

Research Ethics Handbook

Research Fund Spending Guidebook

Ethics Review System for Involving Human Subjects and Animals

  At our University, we have established committees (*) to provide advice on ethical considerations in research and to review research plans. Based on research subjects, please make a plan for your review procedures.

[*] Ethics Review Committees for Research at Ritsumeikan University are as follows:
  1. Ethics Review Committee for Research Involving Human Subjects (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  2. Ethics Review Committee for Medical and Health Research Involving Human Subjects (Natural Sciences)
  3. Ethics for Research Involving Animals
For further details, please refer to page 16-56 of Research Ethics Handbook.