Guidelines for using Ritsumeikan University's faculty research rooms

In connection with granting faculty members permission to use the faculty research rooms (including accessory equipment, etc.) that have been constructed for research and educational activities, Ritsumeikan University has established usage guidelines as described below.

General rules for use

When using the faculty research rooms, faculty members must take responsibility for taking care of the rooms and must observe the following rules:
  1. The rooms shall not be used for purposes other than research and educational activities.
  2. No actions shall be taken that will interfere with the research and educational activities of other people.

Matters requiring compliance

Faculty members must use care to prevent fires and accidents and try to always maintain a safe environment while complying with the following rules:
  1. Do not smoke in a faculty research room.
  2. Do not bring in hazardous materials even if they are used in research and educational activities.
  3. Do not remove desks, bookcases, and other furniture and fixtures that the university has previously installed.
  4. Handle electric plugs, sinks, and other equipment with care, and do not add modifications, etc.
  5. After borrowing a room, remove all personal belongings and other items that you brought, and return the room to the condition it was in when you first borrowed it.
  6. Faculty members are responsible for the safekeeping of keys.
  7. Faculty members are responsible for preventing fires in the faculty research rooms.
  8. As prescribed in the "Ritsumeikan University Harassment Prevention Guidelines", do not engage in harassment or in actions that can lead to harassment.
  9. Safety inspections

    Faculty members must cooperate in the safety inspections below, which are implemented by the university based on related laws/regulations and internal rules.
    1. The university will perform workplace inspections of faculty research rooms, based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act and related laws and regulations.
    2. The Fire and Disaster Prevention Manager, as part of his/her voluntary inspection duties, may enter faculty research rooms, based on the Ritsumeikan Fire and Disaster Prevention Rules.
    3. Damage or loss

      If a faculty research room (including accessory equipment, etc.) is vandalized or damaged or something is missing, the faculty member concerned shall promptly report the incident to their campus administrative office. In cases of willful or gross negligence by the user, the university may seek damages.

      Use restrictions

      If a faculty member violates these guidelines, the university may restrict the use of faculty research rooms.

      Response to emergencies such as disasters

      In time of emergencies such as disasters, as a measure to confirm and ensure safety of a person, faculty research rooms might be entered by the judgement of a person in charge of overall business management stipulated in Article 7, Regulations on Risk Management, Ritsumeikan University.