About Research Office

Research Offices are a one-stop provider of services ranging from the transfer of technology and joint research to the founding of venture businesses

Overview of the Research Offices

Ritsumeikan University has established

  • Research Office at Kinugasa and Research Office at OIC to promote research in the humanities and social sciences, and
  • Research Office at BKC to promote research in the natural sciences.

Through interaction with outside organizations, Research Offices are the comprehensive liaison for exchange between government, industry, and academia to promote scholarship and research that contribute to human welfare and the progress of society. In addition, they function as the implementing organizations for various measures of the Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Strategy Board (established October 2008), the organization promoting Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Strategic Development Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Mission of Research Offices

  1. Pursue the sophistication of research through supporting the research activities of researcher in each field.
  2. Produce subcontracted/joint research with the private sector, as well as public research and development initiatives, and other projects, from launch to the output of results, and thereby contribute to society.

Function/Role of Research Offices

Research Offices coordinate and promote Ritsumeikan University's government-industry-academia collaboration, promote the operation of research organizations (research organizations, research institutes, research centers), act as secretariat for the Government-Industry-Academia Research Partnership Consortium, and manage intellectual property.

The structure of Research Offices is such that they closely collaborate with researchers in a systematic manner. There are approximately 150 staff members overall (humanities/social sciences and natural sciences combined).

  1. Liaison for government-industry-academia collaboration (regional partnerships)
    Please consult with the Research Office. We will introduce and coordinate researchers and government-industry-academia partnership systems. In regard to planning, the Offices submit research proposals from the University and otherwise engage in bidirectional communication.

  2. Promotion of research projects and support for researchers
    Staff members are assigned to researchers by research field, and there are also staff members who promote research projects, enabling the Offices to be caught up on the latest researcher information. These staff members lead the way in proposing and promoting appropriate research projects and related work. They work diligently to facilitate smooth communication between private-sector companies and researchers, both of which are busy.

  3. Promotion of research organization operation (secretariat)
    Ritsumeikan University has established research organizations, research institutes, and research centers as organizations that promote research. Researchers can be affiliated with multiple research institutes and research centers to conduct academic research activities. Research Offices function as the secretariat for the research organizations, research institutes, and research centers, as well as the Government-Industry-Academia Research Partnership Consortiums (member-only conferences) those organizations operate.

  4. Management and operation of research facility/equipment use
    Private-sector companies and research organizations can use the research facilities and equipment at Ritsumeikan University. Research Offices manage and operate these facilities and equipment. When making use of these facilities, information will be given on the subsidy system. Please inquire at Research Office.

  5. Management of research expenses
    Research Offices strive to utilize budgets appropriately by forming budget management teams for each type of project that is adopted, regardless of whether it uses public or private-sector funding.

    Note: Contact the individual Research Office for information/questions related to Cross-ministerial R&D Management System (e-Rad) procedures for researchers moving in or out.

  6. Management and administration of intellectual property
    In addition to assigning intellectual property experts to Research Offices, support is received from outside specialists to aid in the management of intellectual property.

  7. Knowledge management of affiliated researcher/research activity information
    Research Offices proactively transmit the most recent information and activity details of researchers. In addition, the Offices create mechanisms such as the Ritsumeikan University Researcher Database to transmit information that is more accurate.

  8. Publication of research findings, operation of and support for events
    Research Offices provide support for the operation of conferences, and plan/operate lectures for the general public, etc. In addition, the Offices publicize the latest research findings, through exhibition of research findings at events outside the University.

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