Registration for e-Rad (The Cross-Ministerial R&D Management System) and RU Researcher's Database

e-Rad (The Cross-Ministerial R&D Management System)

What is e-Rad?

  "The Cross-Ministerial Research and Development Management System (e-Rad) is a cross-ministerial system enabling online management of research and development processes (acceptance of applications, screening, acceptance, management of accepted projects, results reports, etc.) for the Competitive Funding System run by Japanese ministries and agencies and other funding systems."
  Source: e-Rad Research and Development (

  To those who is is to apply for competitive public funds by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and other public fund-allocating bodies for the first time (e.g. Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI)):
Please download ‘Application Form1-eRad "e-Rad Registration Request Form’ from the link below.
  To those who already have eRad and will newly be appointed:
Please download ‘Request for Resignation / Transfer Procedures for e-Rad’ from the link below.

Ritsumeikan University Researcher’s Database

  These forms are for creating a new profile. Please submit the forms to the Research Office. For the eligibility, please refer to the following.

Target for Registration

  There are two types of positions in RU Researcher's Database: those who are required to be registered and those who want to be registered.

[Positions that are required to be registered] [Optional positions who want to be registered]
  Researchers with the following positions may register upon application by researchers.
If you want to register, please submit "Profile Registration Request" to the Research Office at OIC. Note: If you are not in one of the positions listed above, please use researchmap (Operated by Japan Science and Technology Agency).