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Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) University Recommendation Scholarship

ATTENTION: The application period for enrollment in 2020 with a university recommendation for MEXT scholarship has ended. The following is for reference only.

ATTENTION: General notes on the application process for 2020 enrollment

  • Multiple different Application Guidelines are scheduled to be released through November, December, and January which will each recruit applicants for different graduate schools or groups of graduate schools, whereas in the past all or most of our graduate schools were all included in and recruited for through one combined application procedure. Read each individual application guideline released on this page to see which particular graduate school(s) that guideline is recruiting for.
  • We will not directly recruit applicants for the Graduate School of Science and Engineering. Instead, from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering's pool of self-financed regular admissions applicants, one highly qualified individual will be selected for recommendation for scholarship. Thus, those interested in applying to the Graduate School of Science and Engineering for a chance to receive university recommendation for MEXT scholarship must follow the instructions and apply through regular admissions procedures as described on the Graduate School of Science and Engineering's homepage. Contact the Graduate School of Science and Engineering's Administrative Office directly for further inquiries.
    Graduate School of Science and Engineering

    • Description:
      The MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship is a comprehensive scholarship sponsored by the government of Japan, in which Japanese universities recommend individual applicants to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (known as the "Monbukagakusho" in Japanese or by its English language acronym "MEXT") for scholarship. After a subsequent review of those students recommended for scholarship, awardees are selected by MEXT. The following explains procedures for students who wish to seek Ritsumeikan University admissions accompanied by a university recommendation to MEXT for scholarship.

      1. Scholarship Eligibility Requirements and Scholarship Benefits

      To be eligible to apply for Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship, an applicant must:

      • Have the nationality of a country that has diplomatic relations with the Japanese government. Applicants who have Japanese nationality are not eligible.
      • Have been born on or after April 2, 1985.
      • Be in both good physical and mental health.
      • Be willing to newly acquire a student visa and newly enter Japan for the purpose of study upon receipt of the scholarship.
      • Be able to arrive in Japan on a date designated by Ritsumeikan University in the middle of September 2020.
      • Have a CGPA equal to or higher than 2.30 out of 3.00 for most recent two years of formal study.
      • Meet or exceed the academic and linguistic ability requirements established by MEXT.

      Scholarship Benefits: Please refer to the scholarship outline for a description of scholarship benefits as well as a more detailed overview of scholarship eligibility and conditions.

      2. Application

      At Ritsumeikan University, applicants may apply for enrollment to the Master's and/or Doctoral degree programs of certain select graduate schools via the application procedures described below. Applicants selected for enrollment via these specific procedures will also be granted a university recommendation for MEXT scholarship. Please carefully read through all sections of the application guidelines, and the FAQ, before beginning to complete an application:
      *Please download the documents to your computer first then fill them in digitally before printing. Before printing the PDF, be sure to either delete or turn off the “Sticky Note” comment boxes on the PDF application forms. Further reference materials may be found below.

      Application Procedures and Forms
      Download the set of PDF application guidelines and forms applicable to the graduate school of your interest in section "1" as well as the section "2" WORD research plan template.

      3. Notes to Keep in Mind before Posting your Application

      1) Make sure that all of your application documents meet all requirements described in the guidelines and the checklist before checking off each item found in the checklist.
      2) In particular, your Letter of Recommendation will not be accepted if it does not meet all requirements mentioned in the guidelines.
      3) Additionally, your transcripts also will not be accepted if they do not meet all requirements mentioned in the guidelines. If the form does not meet the criteria in the guidelines, please obtain additional supplemental documentation as necessary from your university, such as a detailed grade scale used be the university or a course registration record to show the year and semester when each of your courses took place before submitting your application.
      4) If the rest of your documents are ready but you are waiting for the arrival or announcement of your English language test score, please send the rest of your application in advance before the deadline. Follow up by delivering your language test score as soon as it is ready.

      4. General Schedule from Application to Enrollment

      The following is a general schedule prediction based on last year's process. Timing of all points below, but in particular the announcement of scholarship results and so on, are at the discretion of MEXT and the university and are subject to change.

      Timeframe Activity
      Nov 2019 - Feb 2020 Applicants submit applications to Ritsumeikan University (hereinafter "RU")
      Feb - Mar 2020 RU announces admission results to applicants
      Mar - Jun 2020 RU submits scholarship recommendations for applicants who succeeded in the admissions process to MEXT
      Jun - Aug 2020 MEXT notifies scholarship results to RU
      RU notifies applicants of their scholarship selection results
      Aug - Sep 2020 RU issues MEXT Scholarship Certificates to those granted MEXT scholarship
      Successful applicants submit the MEXT Scholarship Certificate to their local Embassy or Consulate of Japan to apply for a student visa as a Japanese government scholar
      Mid-Sep 2020 Scholars travel to Japan on a date designated by RU, attend orientation, etc...
      Sep 26, 2020 The Fall Semester begins and scholars begin their formal studies at RU

      5. Additional Requirements and Supporting Information

      • ”Monbukagakusho” is the Japanese word for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, which is also known by its acronym, MEXT.
      • Please note that you may only receive University Recommendation for MEXT scholarship from one university.
      • Please review our Researcher Database to assist with finding potential research supervisors.
      • Students who need to request an individual review of their eligibility, as explained in the guidelines, should contact the International Center at BKC before the first day of the application period. Please see the contact information listed in the application guidelines.
      • Students who are currently enrolled in a university in China or who have graduated from a university in China may find information on how to obtain their China Higher-education Student Information Online Verification System certificates here.
      • There is no set format for the Letter of Recommendation, but a sample including the required points such as to whom the letter is addressed to and the writer's title, may be found here.
      • For more information about MEXT, please visit their home page:
      • For more information about graduate programs we offer in English and Japanese, please see our admissions page:
      • If you wish to apply for a Japanese-taught program, please be sure to view our Japanese application guidelines and forms, follow the directions on that page, and complete your forms in Japanese, where appropriate.
      • If you have questions about the application process, please contact the International Center at BKC:

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