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Ritsumeikan University Graduate School SEISEKI-YUSHUSHA (Academic Excellence) Scholarship (For 1st Year of Enrollment)

1. Description
This scholarship is awarded to students who achieved great results in their entrance examinations and are entering the Master’s Program, the Integrated Doctoral Program (to the first-year) or the Professional Degree Program (applies only to Graduate School of Professional Teacher Education) at Ritsumeikan University.
Each graduate school will select prospective recipients for this scholarship from among those who passed the entrance examinations by their designated method with outstanding results and the prospective recipients will be informed of their eligibility at the time of their enrollment.
*No additional application for this scholarship is required.
*Those who are government-sponsored international students and those who are receiving financial assistance from other institutions that are equivalent to the government sponsorship are not eligible for this scholarship.

2. Scholarship Amount and Number of Recipients

Graduate Schools Amount of Stipend (per semester) and Number of Recipients
Law, Business Administration, Sociology, Policy Science, Public Policy, Language Education and Information Science, Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Sports and Health Science, Professional Teacher Education Ⅰ: 100,000 yen Ⅱ: 50,000 yen
Combining I and II, a maximum of approximately 25% of newly enrolled students
International Relations Ⅰ: 250,000 yen Ⅱ: 200,000 yen Ⅲ: 150,000 yen Ⅳ: 100,000 yen Ⅴ: 50,000 yen
Combining I, II, III, IV and V, approximately 25% of admitted students
Letters 50,000 yen
A maximum of approximately 40% of newly enrolled students
Economics Ⅰ: 150,000 yen Approximately 10% of newly enrolled students Ⅱ: 100,000 yen Approximately 15% of newly enrolled students Ⅲ: 50,000 yen Approximately 25% of newly enrolled students
Image Arts Ⅰ: 150,000 yen Ⅱ: 100,000 yen Ⅲ: 50,000 yen
Combining I, II and III, approximately 50% of newly enrolled students
Science and Engineering Ⅰ: 250,000 yen Approximately 3% of admitted students Ⅱ: 162,500 yen Approximately 22% of newly enrolled students
Information Science and Engineering Ⅰ: 225,000 yen Approximately 25% of admitted students Ⅱ: 50,000 yen Approximately 20% of newly enrolled students
Life Sciences Entrance Examiniation for Academic Year 2019:
150,000 yen Approximately 25% of newly enrolled students
Entrance Examination for Academic Year 2020:
150,000 yen Approximately 30% of newly enrolled students
Technology Management Ⅰ: 150,000 yen Ⅱ: 100,000 yen Ⅲ: 50,000 yen
Combining I, II and III, a maximum of approximately 70% of newly enrolled students
Human Science 50,000 yen
A maximum of approximately 25% of newly enrolled students

3. Dispersal Method
The scholarship is disbursed to cover tuition of first and second semester (excluding the admission fee).

4. Inquires
Please contact the administrative office of the graduate school that you have chosen.

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