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Change to Special Encouragement Scholarship Admission Application System (Effective Academic Year 2014)

Effective as of the Academic Year 2014 Enrollment Application Period, there will be no separate application for the Special Encouragement Scholarship for International Students (100% Tuition Reduction). Instead, scholarship recipients will be selected from the top candidates from existing application processes for each graduate school.

Incoming students who wish to enroll in April 2014 or later and to be considered for the Special Encouragement Scholarship (Graduate Students Category I: 100% Tuition Reduction) should apply to their desired graduate school as self financed students by following the application instructions listed on that graduate school's web page. For most graduate schools, no additional, special procedures are required, but all interested scholars should contact the administrative office of their desired graduate school in advance for details about the scholarship and application.

Links to Graduate Schools and Application Procedures

As in the previous year, international students in English-based and Japanese-based programs are eligible to receive this scholarship.

A list of graduate schools that offer degree programs in English, along with links to the respective graduate schools' homepages and application information may be found at:

A list of application guidelines for graduate schools that offer degree programs in Japanese may be found at:

If you have any questions about the application procedures or scholarship details for your desired graduate school, please contact the graduate school directly, using the contact information on the pages above. Thank you for your interest in Ritsumeikan University!

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