Ritsumeikan University Contact List (Direct Number)

*When calling from outside Japan, remember to drop the first 0 and add the country code 81.
(Example. 81-75-111-1111)

Administrative Office/ Manabi Station

Administrative Office, College of Law (Kinugasa) 075-465-8175
Administrative Office, College of Social Sciences (Kinugasa) 075-465-8185
Administrative Office, College of International Relations (Kinugasa) 075-465-1211
Administrative Office, College of Letters (Kinugasa) 075-465-8187
Administrative Office, College of Image Arts and Sciences (Kinugasa) 075-465-1990
Administrative Office, College of Economics (BKC) 077-561-3940
Administrative Office, College of Science and Engineering (BKC) 077-561-2625
Administrative Office, College of Information Science and Engineering (BKC) 077-561-5202
Administrative Office, College of Life Sciences (BKC) 077-561-5021
Administrative Office, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BKC) 077-561-2563
Administrative Office, College of Sport and Health Science (BKC) 077-561-3760
Administrative Office, College of Policy Science (OIC) 072-665-2080
Administrative Office, College of Business Administration (OIC) 072-665-2090
Administrative Office, College of Comprehensive Psychology (OIC) 072-665-2492
Administrative Office, College of Global Liberal Arts (OIC) 072-665-2190
Administrative Office, Inter-Faculty Graduate Schools (Kinugasa)
┗ Graduate School of Science for Human Services 075-465-8375
┗ Graduate School of Language Education and Information Science 075-465-8363
┗Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences 075-465-8348
Administrative Office, Inter-Faculty Graduate Schools (OIC)
┗ Graduate School of Technology Management 072-665-2100
┗ Graduate School of Management 072-665-2101
Administrative Office, Professional Schools (Suzaku)
┗ School of Law 075-813-8272
┗ Graduate School of Public Policy 075-813-8274
Kinugasa Manabi Station 075-465-7865
075-465-7877 (Issuing certificate counter)
BKC Manabi Station 077-561-4972
OIC Manabi Station 072-665-2050


Inquiries about admission fee:
Office of Admissions (Kinugasa)
Inquiries about tuition of current students:
Office of Finance and Accounting (Suzaku)


Office of Student Affairs (Kinugasa) 075-465-8168
Office of Student Affairs (BKC) 077-561-2854
Office of Student Affairs (OIC) 072-665-2130

Health Care

Ritsumeikan Medical Service Center (Kinugasa) 075-465-8231
Ritsumeikan Medical Service Center (BKC) 077-561-2635
Ritsumeikan Medical Service Center (OIC) 072-665-2110

International Exchange, International Students, Studying Abroad Programs

International Center (Kinugasa) 075-465-8230
International Center (BKC) 077-561-3946
International Center (OIC) 072‐665-2070
Office of Global Planning and Partnerships (Suzaku) 075-813-8207
Language Education Center (Kinugasa) 075-465-7878
Language Education Center (BKC) 077-561-3358
Language Education Center (OIC) 072-665-2061
Center for Language Acquisition (Kinugasa) 075-465-7878
Center for Language Acquisition (BKC) 077-561-3358
Center for Language Acquisition (OIC) 072-665-2061

Career Support

Career Center (Kinugasa) 075-465-8172
Career Center (BKC)
┗ Humanities in charge 077-561-3942
┗ Science and Technology in charge 077-561-2626
Career Center (OIC) 072-665-2120


Ritsumeikan University Library (Kinugasa) 075-465-8217
Media Center (BKC) 077-561-2634
Media Library (BKC) 077-561-3943
OIC Library 072-665-2520
Suzaku Research Library 075-813-8257
Kyoto United Nations Depository Library 075-465-8107

Peace Museum

Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University 075-465-8151

Confucius Institute at Ritsumeikan

Confucius Institute at Ritsumeikan 075-465-8426

Research and Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

Research Office (Kinugasa) 075-465-8224
Research Office (BKC) 077-561-2802
Research Office (OIC) 072-665-2570

Entrance Exam

Division of Admissions 075-465-8351
Office of Graduate Studies at Kinugasa Campus 075-465-8195

Lost and Found

Campus Information (Kinugasa) 075-465-8144
Campus Management Office (BKC) 077-561-2621
Campus Information Center (OIC) 072-665-2020

Renting the Facility, General Affairs of the Campuses

*For graduation certificate, transcript, and other certificates, contact the administrative offices .

Office of Administration (Kinugasa) 075-465-8149
Office of Regional Collaboration (BKC) 077-561-2617
Campus Information Center (OIC) 072-665-2020
Office of General Affairs (Suzaku) 075-813-8137
Office of Human Resources (Suzaku) 075-813-8510

Alumni Association, OB/OG, Parents, Parents Association of Student Education Assistance

Office of Alumni Affairs and Parental Outreach (Alumni in charge) 075-813-8216
Office of Alumni Affairs and Parental Outreach (Parents in charge) 075-813-8261

Inquiries about Donation

General Affairs Department donation secretariat 075-813-8110

Media Support, News Releases

Office of Public Relations 075-813-8300

Satellite Offices in Japan (Career Support, Lectures, etc.)

Ritsumeikan Osaka Umeda Campus 06-6360-4895
Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus 03-5224-8188

Contact Number of Ritsumeikan's Affiliate Schools

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University 0977-78-1111
Ritsumeikan Junior and Senior High School 075-323-7111
Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School 0774-41-3000
Ritsumeikan Keisho Junior and Senior High School 011-381-8888
Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior and Senior High School 077-582-8000
Ritsumeikan Primary School 075-496-7777

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