Financial Aid

Ritsumeikan University provides a range of financial support for international students. It also supports applications for scholarships provided by external organizations such as the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). Please make sure you understand the application method for each scholarship and apply for the appropriate scholarship by the due date.

Note: The scholarship information on this page is applicable only to students who do not have Japanese nationality.

Currently Available Scholarships

Please see the Currently Available Scholarships page for scholarships which currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students may now apply for through the International Center.

For Undergraduates

Scholarships available AFTER Enrollment at Ritsumeikan

Scholarship Conditions How to Apply
Details Period
- 48,000 yen per month will be paid
- Applicants must be self-financed international students
- Only students with a "College Student" visa are eligible to apply
- Only students living outside Japan before enrollment at RU are eligible to apply
12 months for April enrollers and six months for September enrollers Students must make an application in early April (for April enrollers) and in early October (for September enrollers).
- Applicants must be self-financed international students
- Only students who do not have Japanese nationality are eligible to apply
- Most of the scholarships require a "College Student" visa
Depending on each scholarship.

For more information on scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, see the Scholarships page.   

For Graduates

For details on scholarships and grants for graduate students, see the Ritsumeikan University Graduate Student Career Path Support Center website.

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