About The Career Center

The Ritsumeikan University Career Center offers a variety of career planning events and placement support services for students. The Career Center aims to help students achieve their individual career goals.

International students are welcome to attend the events and utilize the services provided by the Career Center. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities available to plan your future and find employment.

  • Kinugasa Career Center: 1st floor of Kenshinkan
  • BKC Career Center: 2nd floor of Prism House
  • OIC Career Center: 1st floor of Building A (AS office)

Support Services Available at Career Center

Some of the career support services for international students are provided in English. The current situation, however, is that most Japanese companies expect international students to have working proficiency in Japanese during job-hunting as well as upon entering a company. The Career Center recommends students start early and work to practice and improve their Japanese language skills.

Individual Career Counseling (Language: Japanese and English)

Each campus (Kinugasa, BKC and OIC) has staff members who provide career support services in English.

Individual Career Counseling (Language: Japanese and English) image

Orientation for New Students (Language: Japanese and English)

Career Center gives information, tips and hints on job-hunting in Japan to new students.

General Career Guidance (Language: Japanese and English)

This program caters to students actively seeking employment. The Career Center gives the latest information on job-hunting in Japan, on companies proactively hiring international students, and on what things corporate recruiters expect from international students.

General Career Guidance (Language: Japanese and English) image

Workshops on Job-Hunting (Language: Japanese)

Career Center staff members and senior students who have received job offers hold workshops covering topics such as:     

  • How to sell yourself and your advantage as an international student during job-hunting in Japan
  • How to write Entry Sheets (job application forms)

Note: As the workshops are held only in Japanese, similar services are available as individual career counselling in English.

On-Campus Career Fair for International Students (Language: Japanese)

Around 30 companies proactively hiring international students gather on campus in March, and run booths to provide information about their business and employment opportunities.

On-Campus Recruiting for International Students (Language: Japanese)

The Career Center invites various companies to Ritsumeikan to directly conduct recruitment activities. Students are able to participate in screening programs including company seminars, group discussions, aptitude tests and interviews on campus.

Career Center E-mailing Service to Provide Career Information (Language: Japanese)

Information about job-hunting or career support events will be delivered via email to international students by signing up for the Career Center e-mailing service.
Note: Information will be provided only in Japanese. If you need information in English, please visit the Career Center.

Career Planning Seminar for Self-analysis and Industry/Company Research (Language: Japanese and English)

Career Center staff, corporate recruiters and visiting lecturers hold on-campus seminars on the subject of self-analysis, writing self-promotion, research on specific industries, and information on working in Asian countries.

Networking Events with Ritsumeikan Alumni (Language: Japanese)

Ritsumeikan graduates, who are currently working in Japanese companies, are invited back to Ritsumeikan to share their experiences and advice on job-hunting for current students. It is a great opportunity to learn about various companies and industries, and network with Ritsumeikan alumni.

Internship Program (Language: Japanese)

The Ritsumeikan Internship Office provides information on internship programs. Refer to the following website for more information.

Ritsumeikan University Internship Program

Career Center Website (Language: Japanese/partly available in English)

Refer to the following website for more information on job-hunting support services or events.

Career Center Website

For international students and Japanese students interested in working overseas, check the link here:

For job offers, check the link below:
Career and Employment on Campus Web

Career Development Program (Language: Japanese)

The Career Center has provided the career development program for third-year students (undergraduates) and first-year students (master) since 2010. Every year approximately 50 students (half of them are international students) of many colleges and graduate schools participate in the program.

  • PBL (Project-Based Learning) in a multicultural environment in order to improve the basic skills needed to work in global environment
  • Visiting foreign and Japanese companies and consulting with management/staff in order to develop future prospects
Career Development Program (Language: Japanese) image

Career Paths of International Students After Graduation

100 to 120 international students at Ritsumeikan get employed in Japan each year.
Employment Results in Japan for International Students Graduated in September 2014 or March 2015.

Panasonic Corporation, NEC Corporation, KDDI Corporation, Rakuten, Inc., Toshiba Corporation, SoftBank Group Corp., Nintendo Co., Ltd., Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores, Inc., LIXIL Group Corporation, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Capcom Co., Ltd., Nissha Printing Co., Ltd.

Honda Motor Company, JGC Corporation, Rohm Semiconductor, Nissan Motor Company Ltd, Fujitsu Ltd., CyberAgent, Inc., Microsoft Japan Company, Limited, Mazda Motor Corporation

For more information, refer to the list of employment results for international students distributed at the Career Center.

Job-Hunting in Japan

Students are required to pass applicant screenings, written examinations and job interviews to land a job in Japan. Therefore, students need to be well prepared for each step. At Ritsumeikan, we provide students with support for career planning at the Career Center, so make sure you stop by. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Closed: Wednesday mornings and lunch hours from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)
Off campus services are also available on the following page:
Osaka Employment Service Center for Foreigners

Job hunting in Japan usually begins when students are in the third year of their undergraduate studies or first year of their master’s program (M1).
Students begin their search by visiting companies (at their own expense) during the aforementioned periods, so it is important for students to have gained as many credits as possible by this time, and to have saved sufficient funds to support their job-hunting activities, so that they can spend as much time as possible searching for jobs.

For the general employment schedule in Japan, refer to the following link:
General Employment Schedule in Japan

Graduate Student Career Path Support Center

The Graduate Student Career Path Support Center was established to help graduate students design their successful career path. Since its inception, the center has been implementing various seminars and support schemes to contribute to students’ career development. For further information, please visit the website: Graduate Student Career Path Support Center

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