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International Dormitories

Kinugasa (Kyoto): Kinugasa Campus has three international student dormitories for new students.(Only for students who have no experience of living in Japan). Information about the dormitory is available in English and Japanese.

Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (Shiga): Biwako-Kusatsu Campus has an international student dormitory located immediately adjacent to campus. Information about the dormitory is available in English and Japanese.

Osaka Ibaraki Campus (Osaka): The international student dormitory at the Osaka Ibaraki Campus is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in March 2018.


Besides the international student dormitories, students can find information about campus-area apartments in English at the Student Co-op as well as the NASIC real estate agency.

Housing Information for New Global Studies (GS) Major and Community and Regional Policy Studies (CRPS) Major Students
Dormitory (GS Students Only)
Apartments (CRPS Students Only)

Housing Guarantor System

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Choosing an apartment is a very important step when starting your life as an international student. Generally, when you sign an apartment rental contract in Japan, a co-signer is required. When a co-signer is not available, you must use the services of a guarantor company. In order to ensure that our students can smoothly complete their contracts and begin their studies worry free, we recommend you use the guarantor company below. If you are an international student of Ritsumeikan University (regardless of visa status), you are eligible to utilize the guarantor company’s housing co-sign guarantee at a specially discounted rate.

Global Trust Networks (GTN)

  • English homepage:
  • Japanese homepage:
    *The homepage is also available in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
  • Guarantor Services:
    1. Support in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Nepali.
    2. You do not have to find anyone to co-sign for your housing.
      You can enjoy the company’s co-sign guarantee simply by designating both an emergency contact person in your home country (family), and an emergency contact here in Japan (any nationality).
    3. Support for your daily life.
      Call the help line for assistance when you move in and need to complete your utility contracts - electric, gas, and water. You can also call for support when you’d like to cancel or renew your housing contract.

    *For further details, please see the link below.
    Housing Support System (English).

Language Support for International Graduate Students

International Center

The International Center

At International Center, students can receive assistance with visa issues, accommodation, health, and day to day life. When new international students arrive at Ritsumeikan University, International Center organizes thorough orientations that include sessions outlining the procedures for obtaining their alien registration card, health insurance, and bank account.

After students receive assistance with filling out important paperwork properly, they are escorted to their ward office to ensure they obtain these important documents. Moreover, we provide a guide for issues that arise in daily life and maps of the campus area so students are able to adjust to life in Japan as quickly as possible. At International Center, we also have 3 native English speakers and 2 Chinese native speakers who can assist students with their needs.


Kinugasa Campus

・Meigakukan 1st floor

Biwako-Kusatsu Campus

・Across Wing 1st floor

Osaka Ibaraki Campus

・Building A 1st floor (AN Office)


Also available for students of Ritsumeikan is the "Student Support Room." Students are free to use this room's facilities and consult its experts when they are feeling down or are in need of expert consultation or advice. Professional counselors can assist students in English or Japanese.

Career Center

Career Center offers career support not only for international students who complete their studies in Japanese, but also those who study in English and wish to find work in Japan. Moreover, the Center also provide assistance for those seeking jobs overseas by utilizing our overseas offices and alumni association.


Kinugasa Campus

・Kenshinkan 1st floor

Biwako-Kusatsu Campus

・Manabi Station 2nd floor

Osaka Ibaraki Campus

・Building A 1st floor (AS office)

Medical Service Center

Medical Service Center

Located on campus, medical service center promotes the health of students through a combination of general health support services and a medical office that specializes in internal medicine. To ensure their good health, all students must take part in a yearly health check that assesses their overall health condition and, depending on the result, follows up with additional tests as necessary. Students with any persevering health issues are put under watch and given follow up medical guidance until graduation.


Kinugasa Campus

・Shigakukan 1st floor

Biwako-Kusatsu Campus

・West Wing 1st floor

Osaka Ibaraki Campus

・Building A 1st floor (AS office)


In addition to campus clubs and circles, students can get involved in the local community through various volunteer activates. Ritsumeikan University Service Learning Center provides support for students wishing to volunteer for a good cause. If your are interested in volunteer activities, contact Service Learning Center at each campus.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid image

Ritsumeikan University offers a wide variety of scholarship opportunities to its international students. Application procedures differ depending on the scholarship type. 

National Health Insurance Fee Assistance provided by the Ritsumeikan University Parents Association for International Student Education

The Parents Association of Student Education Assistance, an association of Ritsumeikan University students' parents and guardians that supports various activities at the university, provides assistance to undergraduate international students to defray some of the costs of their National Health Insurance Fees.
Eligible students should apply once each year for National Health Insurance Fees, either in the spring or fall semester (the application period is determined by the student’s status).

  • Application Criteria: Must be Enrolled in the Parents Association of Student Education Assistance (*as a rule, all students enroll at the time of enrollment in the university) and be enrolled in and paying fees for National Health Insurance for 2017 in order to apply.
  • Selection Criteria: Of those who apply, only those who have completed payment of their 2017 Parents Association of Student Education Assistance membership fees and tuition fees are eligible to be selected to receive the assistance.
  • Benefits: Assistance to help cover National Health Insurance fees; 5,000 Yen per year
  • *However, only one student per household can receive the scholarship at a time.
  • Application Period (Spring Semester): Tuesday, Dec 05, 2017 ~ Friday, Jan 12, 2018 at 17:00
  • *Students who will be graduating at the end of the semester who have plans to close their bank accounts early should apply as soon as possible.

Application Guidelines
Application Form

Kyoto City National Health Insurance Subsidy Program for International Students

Kyoto City offers a partial National Health Insurance subsidy for self-financed international students residing in the city. For information on the application process and period for Spring 2014, please review the program outline and application instructions.

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