Congratulations on your acceptance to Ritsumeikan University.

This year, we welcome 350 undergraduate students and 190 graduate students from overseas. Just before the matriculation ceremony, we asked some of the students how they feel about entering Ritsumeikan University.
Please check it out!

Aran Asraf Han
Aran from Indonesia/Asyraf from Singapore/Han from Vietnam
Tisha Ida Antor
Tisha from Korea/Ida from Sweden/Antor from Bangladesh
Matt Lee Lisa
Matt from Canada/Lee from Korea/Lisa from Germany
Srish Minnie Blake
Srish from India/Minnie from Korea/Blake from U.S.A.
Christopher Andi Wombat
Christopher from Uganda/Andi from Germany/Wombat from Bhutan


March 28, 2017 NEWS

Talk between President Yoshida and President Korenaga