November 15, 2018 NEWS

The Ritsumeikan Academy “R2030 Academy Vision”:Towards a new era in higher education and research Beyond Borders

With an eye on realizing the ideal shape of the Ritsumeikan Academy for the year 2030, we formulated the R2030 Academy Vision to serve as the basis for our next mid-term plan for Academy management.

Looking ahead to 2030, as populations around the world continue to age and live longer, businesses are expected to transform on the back of rapid advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, and other technologies, ushering in an era in which the value systems and methodologies we have come to rely on are overturned.

Seizing the opportunity to create value for this new era by way of education and research, we have stepped up our efforts to pursue the Academy’s mission of proposing a roadmap for 2030 and seeking to bring it to fruition.

In formulating this vision, we proactively sought the input of our young faculty and staff and external stakeholders, and the end result is an ambitious document that seeks to overturn conventional ideas about the roles of education and research institutions.

As a comprehensive academy with two universities, four junior and senior high schools, and one primary school, we will produce pioneers who can create the future according to their respective wills, and we will continue striving to be a pioneer in our own right.

The Academy Vision announcement took place in Tokyo - venue picture
The Academy Vision announcement took place in Tokyo
The Academy directors stand in front of an R2030 3D sign

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