Thirty plus Students at Ritsumeikan's Kinugasa Kyoto Campus welcome the Local Community holding up welcome signs in a dormitory common room

On Saturday, June 15, residents of the three international dormitories near Kinugasa Campus (International House Tokiwa, International House Utano, and International House Taishogun) gathered at International House Taishogun for the 6th Community Exchange Forum.

The Forum, which encourages dormitory residents to engage and interact with members of the local community, aims to strengthen international student’s understanding of Japanese culture, whilst at the same time furthering the internationalization of the local community. This year’s event succeeded in attracting 149 visitors.

Highlights included a charming group of local children playing the taiko drums, and an interactive exchange event organized by Resident Mentors (Ritsumeikan students who live in the dormitories to provide support to international students). Several international students also put on musical performances.

Collaborative activities took the form of students and local residents working together to make Japanese friendship bracelets and masks, as well as various games.

International students were actively engaged in organizing the event, with some setting up hands-on booths to facilitate exchange between students and local residents on the day; thus contributing to a highly successful and enjoyable event for all.

The international dormitories of Kinugasa will continue to put on a range of events aimed at building closer ties with the local community.


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