Research Center for Ars Vivendi

Living with illness, aging, and disability. A body that is different. Before such things are the target of welfare and healthcare, they are part of the course of human life, and constitute a site at which wisdom and skills of living are created.

The Center gathers and observes people's experiences, analyzes the relationship with society, conceptualizes people's future lifestyles, and shows the means to achieving the ideal world. That is "Ars Vivendi."

Ritsumeikan University Research Center for Ars Vivendi conducts multidisciplinary investigations and research on a variety of issues related to "Ars Vivendi." The Center also promotes collaboration with patients' groups, NPOs, etc., provision of information to the site of implementation, and subcontracting of research studies from the public and private sectors.

For more information, see the Research Center for Ars Vivendi website.

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