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About JICA Scholarships

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) sponsors a number of scholarships for those interested in pursuing higher studies in Japan. Please see the information below for the following JICA scholarships available for eligible candidates who wish to study in one of Ritsumeikan University’s graduate schools.

Republic of the Union of Myanmar Long-term Training Course on Administrative Capacity Development

The Long-term Training Course on Administrative Capacity Development is a program developed to promote the administrative capacity of public servants in Myanmar. Interested persons from Myanmar working in the public sector are encouraged to seek more detailed information at their workplace or from JICA’s Myanmar regional office.
JICA Myanmar Homepage

1. Applicable Graduate Schools

2. Application Procedures

Please follow the instructions contained within the Application Guidelines linked below in order to complete your application for Ritsumeikan University enrollment within the framework of the Long-term Training Course on Administrative Capacity Development. The application form itself should be filled out digitally as much as possible.

Project for the Promotion and Enhancement of the Afghan Capacity for Effective Development (PEACE)

Please refer to JICA’s PEACE Project homepage for an outline of the project’s objectives, and refer to the PEACE Project portal website for further information about the scholarship’s benefits, eligibility criteria, conditions, to see which Ritsumeikan University graduate schools are recruiting participants, and to learn about how to apply.

1. Eligibility Requirements

To apply for PEACE Project-sponsored graduate enrollment at Ritsumeikan University, an applicant must:

  • Be a citizen of Afghanistan.
  • Have already obtained a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent.
  • Be a civil servant from one of the target ministries or faculty member from one of the universities under the Ministry of Higher Education, and have at least 6 months of work experience in said organization.
  • Have sufficient English language ability to complete graduate study in English.
  • Meet all other eligibility requirements as designated by JICA.

2. Application Procedures

Please see the PEACE Project portal website at the link above and follow the instructions in order to complete an application.

SDGs Global Leaders Course

Attention: JICA is currently preparing a new scholarship scheme, to be known as the SDGs Global Leaders Course. This scholarship is to be for individuals from developing countries around the world, and is meant to develop leaders who will be able to help their home countries meet their Sustainable Development Goals in the future. More information on this scholarship and Ritsumeikan University application documents specifically for those who wish to enroll through this scholarship will be uploaded to this page sometime in April 2019.

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