National Health Care

This page provides international students with the information on the national medical insurance system in Japan.

Health Issues

Although studying overseas can be the experience of a lifetime, unforeseen accidents and troubles may occur. To help alleviate both the physical and mental strains on students, Ritsumeikan's campuses provide medical service professionals ready to support the varied needs of its students. For more information, refer to Health Issues page.

In Case Of Emergency

In case of emergency such as theft, violence or assault, serious illness or injury, or traffic accidents, refer to the relevant section of the Ritsumeikan University International Student Handbook.

Download Handbook

The latest Ritsumeikan University International Student Handbook can be downloaded here.

OIC Facility Usage Guidelines for Graduate Students

Refer to these guidelines for information and usege of graduate school facilities at Osaka Ibaraki Campus.

Regarding assistant tools for creating doctoral degree application documents

Assistant tools for creating the following degree application documents are available for downloading.
*Regarding the degree application, you don’t necessarily have to use the following tools.
You can use forms in Word which are distributed at each graduate school or forms of your own to apply.
Download the relevant assistant tools (Excel forms) below, if you like.

  1. Course-based PhD (Japanese)
  2. Course-based PhD (English)
  3. Dissertation-based PhD (Japanese)
  4. Dissertation-based PhD (English)

Check the Doctoral Degree Application Guidelines and make sure that the doctoral degree application documents created by the above assistant tools are in the correct format under applicant’s own responsibility. Then carry out what needs to be done on your own such as printing the forms and putting the signature/ personal seal etc. and submit the forms to the administrative office of the relevant graduate school.
Instructions on how to use the assistant tools (user’s manual) can be also downloaded below.

  • *User’s manual: Coming soon

Procedures for Posting the Full Text of Doctoral Dissertations on the Internet

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