December 24, 2020 NEWS

Classes in the 2021 Academic Year

Division of Academic Affairs
Director, Masashi Morioka

We will provide you with more opportunities for attending face-to-face classes, targeting the “Leaving no one behind” initiative.

We are very concerned about the learning, studying and the on-campus lives of students and graduate students which have been affected so much by the continuing spread of COVID-19 infections.
Ritsumeikan University has reviewed what type of educational study environment should be provided for students and graduate students under such situation. We again recognized especially the importance of interactions between students, and students and teaching staff and of learning, studying and performing various activities by utilizing on-campus facilities. Various measures were examined in order to fulfil activities on campus while preventing infection spread.
On the other hand, there are students having difficulties, for various reasons, with commuting to the campus. We are concerned about these diverse situations which students are facing and will provide opportunities to attend the face-to-face classes on campus as far as possible, focusing on holding classes targeting the “Leaving no one behind” initiative in the 2021 academic year.

We will increase the number of face-to face classes.

In 2021, we will increase the opportunities to take face-to-face classes on campus. We will make efforts to increase these opportunities as far as possible even for face-to-face/online combined classes.

We will share class styles with you via the Syllabus.

Information regarding class styles, such as face-to-face or online styles, will be posted and shared via the syllabus. The number of face-to-face classes for face-to-face/online combined classes will be also posted.
Additionally, in cases where there are changes to class style or grade evaluation methods, the contents of those changes will also be posted, in anticipation of possible aggravation of infection spread.
Syllabi will become accessible on Friday, March 5th, 2021.

We will facilitate maximal use of the campus in 2021.

Using information environments and printing on campus, or utilization of vacant classrooms for self-study, will be available after taking extensive infection prevention measures, even when limited entry to the campus is in force due to an aggravated infection spread status. We will also work together with related organizations and take action to provide services at properties such as cafeterias or convenience stores on campus as much as possible.

Thorough infection prevention measures to be taken in the classroom

Seats will be arranged to have physical spacings of about 1 meter in the classroom according to the sanity management manual established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Personal desks ensuring physical spacing are to be installed, especially in the smaller classrooms.
Additionally, efforts to thoroughly ventilate classrooms will be taken by manually opening and closing windows or via ventilation equipment, while carrying out the necessary property refurbishment where needed.

Classes will be held in consideration of individual student needs.

You will be allowed to take class from outside the campus through live streaming or archived videos of the class if you cannot attend face-to-face classes, due to various difficulties including health problems, anxiety or concerns about infection spread to family members. The specific attendance format will be determined after consultation with the relevant teacher, so initially please bring such requests to the teacher in charge of the class.

We will improve the access environment on campus.

Access points will be increased and enhanced in order to provide stable wireless LAN connections on campus. Electric power outlets for self-study environments will also be increased.
Additionally, providing a less expensive communication contract, specifically for the university, is planned which will allow online classes to be taken from outside the campus or at home.

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