Degree-seeking Students

Regular Admissions

Master's and Doctoral Program
September 2024 Enrollment
Application Period December 14, 2023 - January 18, 2024
Application Guidelines Application Guidelines 2024

*Please also check the "Application Guidelines (For all Graduate Schools)" posted on the Ritsumeikan University Graduate School Entrance Examination Information Website here
Application Documents Form GSSE 1
Form GSSE 2
Form GSSE 3
Application Sheet must be printed out from "Ritsu-Mate"   
*Optional: Application Checklist

Reference Material for Master's Program Application: List of Professor's Course Affiliation

Pre-Enrollment Scholarship Admissions

・MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship
There is a possibility that the Graduate School of Science and Engineering will recruit applicants for university admission accompanied by a University Recommendation for the MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship in September 2024 Enrollment. In this case, selection of who will be recommended to the ministry for the scholarship will be made out of the pool of applicants for "MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship-based Admissions". Applicants who wish to be considered for the MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship, provided there will be a recruitment, should apply through "MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship-based Admissions".
If recruitment is held, details will be posted on the Ritsumeikan University MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship website around mid-November. If the recruitment is held, the application deadline will be in mid-December (tentative).