Information for Incoming Students

September Enrollment

Admitted, now what?

This page is for successful applicants. Once you are admitted to RU, you must complete the necessary procedures following the instruction below.

Important Notes Regarding Enrollment Procedures
  • The University will contact successful applicants by E-mail. It is your responsibility to regularly check E-mail communication and respond in a timely manner.  Please check your E-mail filters and enable settings to be able to receive E-mail from “”.
  • All times indicated on this page refer to Japan Standard Time (UTC+09).
  • Acceptance into the University will be revoked if any false information or forgeries are found in submitted documents.

All Students

1. Payment of Admissions Fee and Tuition

Important Notes Regarding Payment

  • Successful applicants must pay the Admission Fee and Tuition Fee(s) during the specified period. The University will not accept any remittance after the period in any circumstances. Make sure to check your payment deadline in the following section.
  • If payments are not completed within the designated periods, your acceptance into the University will be cancelled. 
  • Miscellaneous Membership Fees are collected along with Tuition Fees. Details can be found on the Application Handbook.
  • Be sure to keep the transaction records of online payments, as the University may request for submission of records.
  • Please note that once the Admission Fee is received, it is not refundable under any circumstances.

Tuition Reduction Details

Please check TAO for the percentage of Ritsumeikan University Tuition Reduction Scholarship for International Students you are honored

  1. Period of Award
    1 year from initial enrollment
  2. Amount of Tuition Reduction
    The amount of reduction will be notified with admission results. Fees that are not included in "tuition," (admission fee and miscellaneous membership fees) are not covered by tuition reduction, so please be certain to pay these fees during the appropriate payment periods.
  3. Procedures
    After carefully reading through this notice, and the regulations and pledge which are to be delivered to you at a later date, please complete the appropriate procedures.
  1. The RU Tuition Reduction Scheme is offered initially for one year, based on students’ admission evaluation. In second and subsequent years, the students must apply for the scheme during designated application period.  The tuition reduction is awarded based on students’ grades during the previous year of study.
  2. Tuition reduction will be administered to persons who have indicated agreement to the contents of the "Ritsumeikan University Tuition Reduction Scholarship for International Students Regulations” (hereinafter, "regulations") through their submission of the pledge form by the designated deadline, by way of offsetting tuition by the amount of scholarship at the time of each semester's tuition payment.
  3. In the event that recipients meet the criteria for Revocation of Receipt of their Tuition Reduction Scholarship as described in the regulations, this scholarship will be revoked and an amount of tuition equal to the amount reduced for the appropriate semester must be paid in a single transfer within two weeks, calculated from the date of receipt of the Notification of Scholarship Revocation.

When & How Much to Pay

Click on the relevant link below for the tuition reduction percentage you are honored. Consult the PDF document for details of the actual amount you need to pay, payment methods, and payment deadlines.

September Enrollment
Tuition fee reduction: Payment Information
N/A Download PDF
20% Download PDF
50% Download PDF
100% Download PDF
Tuition fee reduction: Payment Information
N/A Download PDF
20% Download PDF
50% Download PDF
100% Download PDF
Tuition fee reduction: Payment Information
N/A Download PDF
20% Download PDF
50% Download PDF
100% Download PDF

Payment options

International Payment (Convera GlobalPay for Students)

If you reside outside Japan, please use Convera GlobalPay for Students to pay by local bank transfer or various online payment methods. For more information about Convera GlobalPay for Students and the payment procedure, please refer to this PDF file.

Start your payment by clicking the logo below

Note: You should check the status of your payment via TRACK YOUR PAYMENT until your payment is successfully settled to the university.

If you DO NOT wish to use Convera GlobalPay for Students, we also accept international remittances directly from financial institutions to the University's bank account. Please check the Bank Information and make payment.

  • Make sure to pay all necessary fees in Japanese yen. We do not accept any payments in foreign currencies.
  • Please add 10,000 JPY to the amount of the tuition fee, as the banks in both countries will deduct a handling fee.
Domestic Payment (Bank Transfer)

Incoming students residing in Japan must make payment via bank transfer.

  • Payment can only be made by bank transfer. Payments by credit cards are not accepted. Please check the Bank Information below and make payment.
  • Make sure to pay all necessary fees in Japanese yen. We do not accept any payments in foreign currencies.

Bank Information

Important Note

  • When making a transfer at a bank, an ATM or an Internet Banking, make sure to put your Application Number (8 digits) and full name (last name, first name) in the comment field, often called "Payer Information" or "Message to Payee".
  • The University does not provide a remittance request form (振込用紙). Please use a form provided at a bank counter.
  • Please keep the copy of remittance request form /remittance receipt, as the University may request for submission of receipt.
  • Payment cannot be made at the Ritsumeikan University Office of Finance and Accounting.
Payee's Bank Information

Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch Kyoto Branch
Branch Number 496
Bank Address 8 Naginatabokocho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8008 JAPAN
600-8008 京都府京都市下京区四条通烏丸東入長刀鉾町8
Bank Telephone +81 75-211-4131
Payee’s Account Information
Account Name Ritsumeikan University
Address 8 Nishinokyo-Higashi-Toganoocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8520 JAPAN
604-8520 京都府京都市中京区西ノ京東栂尾町8番地
Account Type Savings Account
Account Number 5411707

Refund Policy

Refund of Tuition Fee When a Student Cancels Enrollment

Students can request a refund of fees paid for enrollment to English-medium undergraduate programs only if they submit the required documents to Ritsumeikan University.

Prescribed details of refundable fees:

  • Tuition Fee/s in the 2023 Academic Year
  • Miscellaneous Membership Fees for the 2023 Academic Year
  • *The admission fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Important Note

  • The University will process remittance refund to the account specified on the request form by the end of November 2023 for September Enrollment, if procedures are complete by the deadline.
  • Any incomplete documents may delay or prevent the refund.
  • No changes can be made after the submission of the request to refund.
  • The refund amount will be sent and processed by bank remittance only. Please note that any bank commission for overseas remittance will be deducted from the remitted amount.
  • If you have been selected as a recipient of Ritsumeikan University Tuition Reduction Scholarship for International Students, the status will be cancelled once you complete the refund procedure.
Deadline of completion for the procedure

Enrollment Deadline
September Enrollment September 25th, 2023 (JST)

*Make sure to complete the procedure before the deadline. The University will not accept requests after the deadline in any circumstances.

Procedures to Request a Refund

  • Once you fill out the form, please double check it, especially the bank account information. After entering your digital signature, you will not be able to make any changes.
  • A copy of the bank remittance receipt for your payment of the fees paid at enrollment.
  • A copy of the Result Notification from Ritsumeikan University.
  • If you wish to get a refund to your Japanese bank account, attach a copy of your bankbook page with all the following information: Name of the bank and its branch, Account No., Name of the bank account holder.
  • After entering your digital signature, a button to sign the form will appear at the bottom of the page. Click it and enter your parent/guardian’s name, email address and your email address. Then a final confirmation email will be sent to you. Please click the confirmation button within the email. Once you complete it, another confirmation email will be sent to your parent/guardian.
  • Once your parent/guardian clicks the confirmation button within the email and completes the signature, your form will be submitted to Ritsumeikan University.

*To submit this form, your Parent’s/Guardian’s signature is necessary. Make sure that they complete this procedure.

  • We will review your form and send you a confirmation email once we receive it.

Appropriation of Paid Enrollment Fees
All Students

2. Document Submission 1

2-1. Enrollment Documents 1 Details

Information will be released around mid-March.

International Students

2-2. Student Visa & Status of Residence

Information will be released around mid-March.

All Students

3. Online Enrollment Procedures


All Students

4. Document Submission 2


All Students

5. Coming to Campus

International Houses

Webpages for each of the dormitories


If you look for housing by yourself, you can find the agencies as below.

University Co-op Sumai Sagashi Center (Housing Center)
  • Kinugasa Campus TEL: 0120-606-315
  • Biwako-Kusatsu Campus TEL: 0120-077-390
  • Osaka Ibaraki Campus TEL: 0120-283-481

URL: (Japanese only)

Creotech Co., Ltd

URL: (Japanese only)
*Creotech Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ritsumeikan Trust.

When you sign a housing contract, make sure you understand the contract, including the payment of key money, deposit, renewal fee and other fees, and follow the necessary procedures. You must keep documents such as receipts and contracts in a safe place until you move out. Be careful with bait-and-switch advertising (advertising for products that are not actually available).

In an effort to help students smoothly complete their housing rental contracts, we recommend using the services of the Guarantor Company described below.

When you sign a contract and move into a new apartment, please utilize this Guarantor Company to serve as your co-signer. If you are an international student of our university (regardless of visa status), you are eligible to utilize the Guarantor Company’s housing co-sign guarantee at a specially discounted rate.

  • Global Trust Networks (GTN)

URL: (In English)
URL: (In Japanese)
*In addition to the languages listed above, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese language websites are available.

Other Information will be released in August, 2023. 
Contact / Submit Documents to:

Ritsumeikan University, International Admissions Office
Address: 56-1 Tojiin Kitamachi, Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8577 (or 603-8346), Japan
Tel: +81-75-466-3775 (Monday-Friday/ 9:00-17:30 Japan Standard Time)