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International Student Dormitory

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OIC Global House

September 2019 saw the opening of OIC Global House – the latest addition to Ritsumeikan University’s already substantial portfolio of dormitories.

Housing both international and domestic students, the majority of whom are enrolled in the College of Global Liberal Arts *, the dormitory takes up the second to the fifth floor of the Wakebayashi International Plaza (pictured above). The Plaza building itself, designed to embody OIC's academic concept: ‘A Gateway to Asia’, provides an exciting platform for international students to interact with and get to know both domestic students and members of the wider community beyond.

*Depending on availability, it may be possible for students from other colleges and graduate schools to take up residence too. Please inquire for more details (see below).


・On-campus international dormitory
・Resident Mentors (RMs*) living in the dormitory
・Building manager available 24-hours a day
・Auto-lock entrance
・Separate male and female areas

*RMs: Residents who work with the university and building managers to: provide support to residents, encourage exchange, and ensure residents have a safe and comfortable dormitory experience.

OIC Global House Guidebook

Fee Table

Type Fee
Security deposit (returned when moving out)
1 month's rent
Entrance fee (covers move-out inspection and cleaning)
10,000 yen
Rent JPY 60,000/month
Utilities & Internet
JPY 7,200/month
Bedding rental
JPY 2,000/month

Initial fees consist of the security deposit, 1.5 months' rent (if moving in on the 16th of the month or later) / 2 months' rent (if moving in on or before the 15th of the month), 2 months' of utilities and internet, 2 months' of bedding rental, and the entrance fee.
*Separate enrollment in fire insurance is also required.
*The above fees are expected to be revised starting from September 2024.

Period of Residence

・GLA students beginning their studies at Ritsumeikan University: Until departure for study at the Australian National University (ANU)
・GLA students beginning their studies at ANU: Until the end of their stay at Ritsumeikan University
・Students in all other colleges/graduate schools: 1 year


The dormitory has 201 rooms (200 standard rooms and 1 accessible room).

Rooms Include:

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・Bed (including mattress and rental bedding)
・Internet connection
・Desk & chair
・Air conditioning & lighting
・Trash can
・Storage boxes

Common Use Facilities:

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・Multi-purpose room
・Dining area
・Kitchen area
・Living area
・Shower rooms
・Mailboxes, delivery boxes
・Shoe rack
*Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the dormitory, so it is necessary to have indoor footwear.


Please direct questions to:

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