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菅野 清彦 菅野 清彦
Kiyohiko Sugano
Kiyohiko Sugano
Department of Pharmacy
Molecular Pharmaceutics Laboratory
Field of Study
Doctor (Pharmaceutical Sciences)


Graduate School/University, etc.

1993 Graduated from College of Science and Engineering, Waseda University 1995 Completed Master’s Course in Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University 2002 Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toho University

Research Information

Research Area and Theme

Drug Bioavailability

Drug oral bioavailability (BA) is an important factor in the success of pharmaceutical product development. The objective of our research is to provide a basic theory for BA prediction. To achieve this, we are conducting research and experiments at the molecular level on the physicochemical interaction between drugs and gastrointestinal tract components. We are also researching mathematical models that describe this interaction. We are actively cooperating with pharmaceutical companies to achieve our research objectives and implement successful results into the development of actual pharmaceutical products.

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