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中山 勝文 中山 勝文
Nakayama Masafumi
Nakayama Masafumi
Department of Pharmacy
Immunology and Microbiology Laboratory
Field of Study
Biological Systems
Doctor (Medical Science)


Graduate School/University, etc.

1994 Graduated from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University 1996 Completed First Term Doctoral Course, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University 2002 Completed Second Term Doctoral Course, Graduate School of Medicine, Juntendo University


Why I Became a Researcher

After completing my master's degree, I was hired at a private company, and I had to study immunology for my work there despite it being my worst subject. After that, I noticed that the immune system was deeply related to so many diseases, and I thought this was interesting. That’s what caused me to become a researcher.

Research Information

Research Area and Theme

Analyzing Biological Defense Mechanisms Against Pathogens

Using an interdisciplinary approach, I would like to clarify the inflammatory response mechanism against pathogenic microorganisms and environmental factors.

Thoughts on Research Theme

Immunology and microbiology are still full of mysteries, and I would like to clarify them little by little by actively conducting collaborative research with researchers in different fields inside and outside the university. And I also aim to expand into drug discovery

Message to Students

中山 勝文 学生へのメッセージ 中山 勝文 学生へのメッセージ

Message to Students

Let's enjoy learning and research together.

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