College of Image Arts and Sciences

Degree: Bachelor of Image Arts and Sciences
English-based Degree Program: N/A
Location: Kinugasa Campus

Faculty Description

At College of Image Arts and Sciences, students can learn how to produce various kinds of media such as film, video, mobile media, CG, and interactive content. As a comprehensive university, we strive to foster highly educated individuals that possess solid expertise and a comprehensive perspective of visual arts by providing many practical opportunities such as internships and courses with hands-on experience.


  1. Classes that provide students with a better understanding of the image arts industry. We offer the Creative Leadership Seminar, which is led by a number of top-level image arts professionals, the Social Liaison Program, which creates an opportunity for students to form groups and tackle tasks provided by companies, and we also have various internships at film and game production companies.
  2. A multitude of faculty with actual video production knowledge and experience.
  3. The latest professional equipment and facilities, including a studio provided in partnership with Shochiku Co., Ltd. exclusively for College of Image Arts and Sciences.
  4. High employment rate. 98.1% of all 2014 graduates were able to find employment. Approx. 30% were hired by mass media companies.
  5. Diverse student body, with the percentage of international students in 2014 being at 3.7%

Sample Courses

  • Workshop for Visual Image
  • Basic Scenario Writing
  • Programming I, II
  • History of Cinema I - III
  • Content Business I, II

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