College of Science and Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering or Science (dependent on the department)
English-based Degree Program: N/A
Location: Biwako-Kusatsu Campus

Faculty Description

College of Science and Engineering places importance on personality development, conducts independent education and research by fusion of Science and Engineering, forsters human resources who cultivate the new field of science and technology and support future society with originality and strong sense of ethics.
Promote the construction of original education system to develop individual capability, build up a closer connection of lecture subject and experiment subject from the lower grade to supply a physical understanding of abstract concept and to realize its essence.
English curriculum is programmed not only for initial grade but for continuous learning

College of Science and Engineering has following departments:
   Department of Mathematical Sciences
   Department of Physical Sciences
   Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
   Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
   Department of Mechanical Engineering
   Department of Robotics
   Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
   Department of Architecture and Urban Design

Sample Courses

  • Thesis
  • Development Courses (Although contents of development courses differ depending on the department, those are set to acquire the ability to advance own research proactively in each department.)
  • Core Courses (Core Courses are provided without destination of department or year level for undergraduate students to broaden their perspectives through interdisciplinary education. Students advance the research if they are interested in the theme established in advance.)

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