Graduate School of Professional Teacher Education

Degree: Master of Education
English-based Degree Program: N/A
Location: Suzaku Campus

Graduate Description

Graduate School of Professional Teacher Education nurtures highly skilled teachers who have the ability to tackle issues that are getting more and more complicated at schools.

We aim to combine theoretical education and practical training and cooperate with not only our affiliated schools but also other schools in Kyoto, Shiga and Osaka where the University has its campuses so that we can provide unique programs associated with a series of fieldwork and a long-term internship to the students. The students will learn from various type of teachers, from experts in education study to instructors with experience of teaching, and are expected to acquire excellent skills required for teachers and school leaders. We offer 3 courses, 1) Clinical Research on Human Development and Education, 2) Educational Methods and Learning Sciences, and 3) International Education which propose the distinctive education of Ritsumeikan University.

Sample Courses

  • Theory and Methods in Curriculum Design
  • Theory and Methods in School Educational Consultation and School Counseling
  • Theory and Methods in International Education
  • Theory and Practice in School Management
  • Seminar for Advanced Educational Practices 1, 2
  • Specialized Practicum and Student Teaching 1 - 4

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