Graduate School of Letters

Degree: Master of Arts/Doctor of Philosophy
English-based Degree Program: N/A
Location: Kinugasa Campus

Graduate Description

With over fifty years of experience, this school has been conducting both specialized and comprehensive research in a range of humanities. Graduate School of Letters consists of the two majors: Major in Humanities and Major in Informatics of Behavior and Culture.
The Major of Humanities includes the following eleven fields: Philosophy; Educational Anthropology; Japanese Literature; Chinese Literature; English and American Literature; Japanese History; East Asian History; European and American History; Cultural Dynamics Studies; Modern East Asian Language and Cultures; and Language; and Area Studies of English Speaking Countries.
The Major in Informatics of Behavior and Culture includes the following four fields: Psychology; Geography; Digital Humanities for Arts and Cultures; and Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

Sample Courses

  • Graduate Research 1 - 4 (Master Course)
  • Academic Skills 1, 2
  • Frontiers of Humanities
  • Frontiers of Digital Humanities

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