Graduate School of Sport and Health Science

Graduate Schools at Biwako Kusatsu Campus

Cultivating human resources equipped with advanced research skills and practical abilities in the field of sport and health science.

In the 21st century, the pursuit of a healthy and fulfilling life has become an urgent issue for humankind. The problem of obesity in particular has become a very serious issue not only in advanced countries, but in developing countries as well. Solving this problem requires approaches from the perspective of health science, including the analysis of diets and lifestyles of a particular country. It is also indispensable to have support from up-to-date scientific perspectives to achieve the best performance in athletic competitions. Organizing and managing skills for sport-and health-related organizations are also necessary to make a systematic approach to these issues. The Graduate School of Sport and Health Science, focusing on the three different fields of sport and health science mentioned above, will conduct comprehensive, multidisciplinary advanced researches and provide students with practical skills that will help them to develop into professionals with specialized knowledge and to become the future leaders in their fields.

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