RU Educational System

Ritsumeikan University is working on the establishment of “Ritsumeikan Learning Model” where the students can learn and grow up through a whole student life beyond each framework of regular curriculum or extracurricular activities.
“Ritsumeikan Learning Model” is an education system focusing on the keywords of ‘Acquire intelligence, learn beyond borders, and learn together’ and aiming to develop ‘professional knowledge’ and ability to learn proactively beyond borders.’

  1. Acquire intelligence
    Ritsumeikan University organizes a systematic curriculum that students can cultivate their backbone of intelligence, which enables students to continue lifelong learning and actively address social issues that have more than one right answer, through four years (six years for Department of Pharmacy, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences).
  2. Learn beyond borders
    Ritsumeikan University takes unique approaches to learn beyond borders of college, class room, campus, regular curriculum, and extracurricular activities. Through these learnings, students can acquire a different perspective to think and see beyond ‘the border of your thought’ or so-called common sense.
  3. Learn together
    Ritsumeikan University values the approaches of group learning (learn with fellow) and peer support (learn from seniors). Also, various learning activities are held at ‘Commons’, a shared space for students to learn together.
    Through these activities, students can realize an active learning that students learn together and create leaning for themselves not just experiencing a passive learning.

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