Community and Regional Collaboration at Kyoto Campuses

Tomorrow’s Kyoto Cultural Heritage Platform

“Tomorrow’s Kyoto Cultural Heritage Platform” was established in October 2010 with the goals to (1) ensure the “Cultural Heritage” of ancient Kyoto is passed on to future generations without being damaged, (2) find value responding to modern issues in “Cultural Heritage” and increase the importance of their existence into the future, and (3) gaze 100 years into the future and create anew the “Cultural Heritage of the future.”

Specifically, it is involved in the following five projects:

  • Preservation and inheritance of “Cultural Heritage”;
  • Preservation and full use of “Kyoto’s traditional culture”;
  • Education, research, and cultivation of human resources with regard to “Cultural Heritage”;
  • Protection of “Cultural Heritage” from disasters; and
  • Creation of new “Cultural Heritage”

For further details, please check the Tomorrow’s Kyoto Cultural Heritage Platform website (Japanese Version Only).

Kyoto Community Museum “Historic Corridor” Project

General Citizens, temples, shrines, artists, storekeepers and universities in the Northwest Kyoto all take part in the Kyoto Community Museum “Historic Corridor” Project established in 2004. In addition to cultivation of human resources leading the local revitalization and city planning, it is developing various cultural project through collaboration between industry, educational institutions, the administration and local community. Ritsumeikan University supports the aims of the project and participates in the planning and administration of projects as the Administration Office.

For further details, please the check the Kyoto Community Museum “Historic Corridor” Project website (Japanese Version Only).

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