As one of our core activities for Top Global University Project in Japan and in an effort to promote research collaboration and academic interaction between Japan and the UK, Ritsumeikan University held an international symposium at the Embassy of Japan in the UK, titled "UK-Japan Collaboration, The Past and Future Earth – Climate Change and Co-existing Sustainably with Nature," with about 75 participants including Mr. Keiichi Hayashi, Japanese Ambassador to the UK.

As guest speakers, Dr. Takeshi Nakagawa (Professor of Research Organization of Science Technology and Director of Research Centre for Palaeoclimatology) and Dr. Hiroyuki Mori (Professor of Graduate School of Policy Science) from Ritsumeikan University, Dr. Eric Wolff (Royal Society Research Professor) from University of Cambridge and Dr. Robert Lowe (Professor of UCL Energy Institute) from University College London were invited to this symposium and they gave lectures on the subjects of climate change and sustainable society.

Dr. Takeshi Nakagawa
Dr. Hiroyuki Mori

In Session 1, Dr. Nakagawa introduced his research outcome based on the analysis of pollen contained in the varves of Lake Suigetsu and Dr. Wolff introduced his research on ice coring in Antarctica.
With the theme of "A sustainable society" in Session 2, several issues and action plans to create a society capable of co-existing sustainably with nature by Dr. Mori and Dr. Lowe.

In the opening speech, President Mikio Yoshida from Ritsumeikan University stated that Ritsumeikan University had enhanced its education and research as a distinctive global research university and added that he expected that this symposium would be a great opportunity to strengthen collaborative relationship including collaboration between Japan and the UK.

Ritsumeikan University takes this occasion to create an infrastructure to promote collaborative research with the research institutions in the UK including University College London.


March 16, 2016 TOPICS

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