Three tools (sickle, hoe and spade) for ritual
Washing hands before entering the venue

On February 2, Anzen-Kigan-Sai, a ceremony to pray for the safety of the construction work for the Ritsumeikan University Ibaraki International Dormitory (tentative name) was held at the former site of Ibaraki Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Ibaraki International Dormitory will be built to accommodate students of Osaka Ibaraki Campus (Japanese students will account for approximately 1/4 of the resident students), and is planned to open in the spring of 2018. It will be a unit-based share-type facility with 6 rooms comprising one unit and each unit sharing a dining kitchen, living room, shower, washstand and two toilets.

Both Japanese and international students will be included in a unit to deepen understanding for different cultures and values through sharing their daily lives and learning from each other.

Words of prayers are offered to god
Ground-breaking ritual by Vice Chancellor Watanabe
The priest makes offerings to god
The priest offers a branch of the sacred tree


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