Catch Your Dream Study in Japan: Ritsumeikan

Wondering what it might be like to study on an English language based course at Ritsumeikan University? Or perhaps you would simply like to know more about the 3 campuses of Kinugasa (Kyoto), Ibaraki (Osaka), and Biwako-Kusatsu (set by Lake Biwako – Japan’s largest freshwater lake)? “Catch Your Dream – Study in Japan” (video below) provides all the answers and more.

A feature program designed for broadcast on the ‘WakuWaku Japan’ satellite entertainment channel, “Catch Your Dream” has students studying as international students in Japan introducing their chosen Japanese universities and courses.

This particular episode, originally broadcast in December 2017 and now available to watch anytime below, has one of Ritsumeikan’s students introducing not only her course, but her kendo club and city center Osako too, whilst another takes viewers on a tour of Kyoto’s most inviting and charming coffee shops.

Overflowing with useful information, academic and otherwise, complete with subtitles in English, Traditional Chinese and Indonesian, sit back and enjoy the wealth of possibilities on offer at Ritsumeikan University:

Catch Your Dream - Study in Japan: Ritsumeikan University


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