Ritsumeikan University in the News from around the Web - Highlights Volume 2

May 14, 2019 NEWS

Ritsumeikan University in the News from around the Web – Highlights Vol.2

Ritsumeikan University has a well-deserved reputation for going Beyond Borders and taking on challenges spanning a diverse range of fields. The inspiring activities of faculty, researchers, students and staff mean the university is regularly featured, both directly and indirectly, in English language news articles across the web.

To make it easier for readers to keep up with an ever growing volume of content, we have taken it upon ourselves to produce a regular compilation feature containing links to some of the most interesting articles from the past three months.

Without more ado, welcome to the second edition of Ritsumeikan News Highlights – Feb 2019 – April 2019:

For Some in Japan, Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt Doesn’t Sound So Bad
(The Wall Street Journal – USA)

(Professor Tadasu Matsuo, College of Economics)

Taking the Liberal Arts to the Next Level in Japan
(Nippon.com – Japan)

(Professor Tsutomu Kanayama, College of Global Liberal Arts)

Petition puts brakes on plan to redesign Osaka train stations
(The Asahi Shimbun - Japan)

(Professor Masahiko Kishi, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences)

From 'third arms' to talking walkers, Panasonic ramps up ties with Japan academia on human-help robots
(The Japan Times – Japan)


Japan is fighting back against loneliness among the elderly
(Apolitical – UK)

(Professor Yoko Otsuka, College of Policy Science)


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