Hiyori Kon of Ritsumeikan University's Sumo Club in competition

Ritsumeikan University Sumo Club’s Hiyori Kon (College of International Relations – 4th yr.) has been chosen for the BBC’s ‘100 women of 2019’ list. The list, announced on Wednesday, October 16, features ‘100 inspiring and influential women from around the world’ and is based this year on the question, ‘What would the future look like if it were driven by women?’ Ms. Kon is one of two Japanese women appearing on the 2019 list .

Comment from Hiyori Kon:

It’s a great honor to have been chosen for the BBC 100 Women 2019 list. I am also hugely thankful to the BBC for shining a light on female sumo wrestling’s struggle for recognition.

The field of female sumo wrestling is, for me, an arena for challenging various established notions and ideas for the sake of children throughout the world. Looking ahead, I hope to continue doing my upmost in my own way to not place limits on anything, keeping the words ‘Beyond Borders’ close to my heart.

For enquiries regarding the above please contact: koho-a@st.ritsumei.ac.jp


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