Ritsumeikan University hosted a workshop program in university administration for a delegation of 18 officials from Vietnam, which included senior officials of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), as well as presidents and vice presidents of top Vietnamese educational institutions. Held from Monday, July 22 to Thursday, July 25, the ministry chose Ritsumeikan University as a program host with the intention of using Ritsumeikan University as a model case for advancing the privatization of Vietnamese universities, a direction now being pursued by the country.

Vice President Yoko Matsubara
Vice President Yoko Matsubara
Chief of the Ministry Office, Mr. Nguyễn Viết Lộc
Chief of the Ministry Office, Mr. Nguyễn Viết Lộc

At the welcome ceremony, Vice President Yoko Matsubara, who gave a welcome speech on behalf of Ritsumeikan University, mentioned bilateral projects between the university and Vietnam including the opening of the Ritsumeikan University Vietnam Office, and expressed her hope that participants, in addition to building networks, would be able to learn about the university’s financial independence, as well as the Japanese higher education system and industry-academia collaborations.

Chief of the Ministry Office Mr. Nguyễn Viết Lộc from MOET said in response:

We hope to learn not just about successful cases in the context of Japanese higher education, but also about organizational arrangements and administration, as well as human resource development, with a view to utilizing this knowledge in higher education in Vietnam.

The four-day program provided ample opportunity for active interaction and a lively exchange of views.

A certificate award ceremony was held on the final day during which Professor Nakatani, Associate Director of the Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Strategy Board handed commemorative gifts and certificates to the 18 participants. Participants commented that the program had provided them with invaluable insight into higher education in Japan.


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