Professor Mitsuyuki Inaba (College of Policy Science) who is the head of Innocence Project Japan was covered by the Japan Times in June, 2016.

Actually, Professor Inaba is neither a lawyer nor an expert in criminal law. He believes Japan’s criminal justice system is rife with fundamental failures that lead to wrongful imprisonment due to the "unscientific" way.

In his first encounter with a criminal justice case, Inaba was asked to analyze, using the AI technology, the confession statements by defendants in an electoral fraud case in Shibushi, Kagoshima Prefecture. The defendants were later found not guilty.

"Facts are certified in a very unscientific way," says Inaba.

Inaba believes that judicial proceedings in Japan must be scientifically grounded.
"In the world of engineering, we must take corrective measures if any mistake is found, and try not to repeat it," he said so in the symposium held prior to the project's launch.

For more details on the article, check the link below:
Ritsumeikan professor spearheads local Innocence Project to clear wrongfully convicted (external link)


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