March 28, 2022 NEWS

Message from the President Ahead of the 2022 Spring Semester

March 28, 2022
Ritsumeikan University
Yoshio Nakatani, President

 All of you in the colleges and graduate schools of Ritsumeikan University must be feeling excited as you prepare for a brand new semester.
 In particular, I am sure that our new students are filled with high expectations for starting their new lives on campus.
 Although the sixth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic signs of coming under control, we still must take preventive measures to ensure that we do not get infected or end up infecting those around us. To this end, I ask that you please exercise due caution.
 Starting this April, we will enhance in-class learning at Ritsumeikan University by effectively incorporating the best aspects of online learning to the maximum extent possible. We will also create a wide range of opportunities on campus where students can experience human connections, including classes, extracurricular activities, study abroad, job placement support, events, and social outreach initiatives.
 We hope that all students, faculty, and staff will continue to work together to create a vibrant campus life for the new semester.
 Finally, we look forward to seeing all our new and current students on the campuses of Ritsumeikan University.


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